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Ramabaanam Is An Entertainer That Has Something For Everyone: Dimple Hayathi

Ramabaanam Is An Entertainer That Has Something For Everyone: Dimple Hayathi

Dimple Hayathi is the female lead in Macho Hero Gopichand's next, Ramabaanam releasing on May 5th. The film brings back the blockbuster combination of Gopichand and director Sriwass once again together. Dimple spoke to the media ahead of the film.

How did you get into Rambaanam project?

I signed Rambaanam while I was doing the movie 'Khiladi'. I looked very glamorous in Kiladi. After watching Khiladi, the director Sriwaas expressed his hesitation about me playing Bhairavi. After doing the screen test twice, I was selected after being convinced that I would be suitable for the role.

What is the difference between this character and your real life?

I will be seen as an urban girl in this film. My character name is Bhairavi and she is a vlogger. In real life, I stay away from social media. So this role was new to me. It was fun lots of fun in making reels and vlogs. There are many senior artists in the film. I have to create vlogs with all of them. It will be very entertaining. Rambanam is an entertainer that entertains everyone.

How was it working with Gopichand?

Gopichand speaks very little. He just wished Good morning, Hi, Good evening thats all I also speak less. He is very focused. If the scene is not right, it will be understood in his eyes. He speaks very composedly. Gopichand is a gentleman. Very supportive. It was a great experience working with him.

Ramabaanam has senior actors like Jagapathi Babu and Kushboo. What things did you learn from them?

In the set of 'Ramabaanam', there are always ten artists in the whole set. The set is always beautiful. After entering the set, we have a big list of artists like Jagapathi Babu, Kushboo, Ali, Vennela Kishore, Rajitha, etc. During this journey, Kushboo became like a second mother to me. We are very close. We also went on some trips while shooting this movie. They treated me like their daughter. She shared her experiences on the set. They helped me a lot. So is Jagapathi Babu. Rambanam is a great journey.

What is the advantage of being a dancer actor? How do you think you got into dancing and acting?

Many people ask me if I went to acting school. I never went to acting school. There are many dancers and actors in the house. I get more criticism from home (Laughs). Acting also came from dancing only.

Did you learn classical dance?

I didn't do anything special as an Arangetram. I learned by playing and singing. The Guinness World Record also came in the flow. They used to do some programs in Kuchipudi. Once upon a time Siliconandhra program used to be organized with thousands of dancers every year. I got a Guinness World Record for it.

What is your family background?

We are a big joint family. There are many actors and dancers. My father is a businessman. My father is a Tamilian and mother is Telugu. I was born in Vijayawada but grew up in Hyderabad.

You appeared in a glamorous role.. Now you are doing an urban girl. What kind of roles do you like to play?

As an actress one has to do all kinds of roles. As an actress, Gaddala Konda Ganesh song and iPhone song are the same for me. I will make sure that I am doing things right as an actress. I want to play such roles.

How are Telugu girls treated in the industry?

I am doing Rambaanam as my second film. Things have changed and so is the industry. Sri Leela is also a Telugu girl. We can celebrate when four more Telugu girls come as heroines. The situation has certainly changed now.

You started with a small film. Now doing films with stars. Are you happy in terms of career?

I'm just taking steps. There is still a lot to prove. I can answer this question after ten years.

How was it working with Sriwass?

Sriwass is a sweet person. He is very naughty (laughs) and he explains everything in great detail. He told me every detail related to my character in advance His advice and suggestions on how to do it as a vlogger helped me a lot.

How was working at People Media Factory?

Vishwaprasad and Vivek are very good people. Great producers. They have given everything needed for the film. They have a lot of clarity about the film. It was a pleasure to work in their production. I have to work once again in their production.

What are your next films?

I am doing two big films in Telugu and Tamil. Will announce soon.

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