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Lyca Productions unveils gripping, slick teaser for Arun Vijay’s 'Mission: Chapter 1'

Lyca Productions unveils gripping, slick teaser for Arun Vijay’s 'Mission: Chapter 1'

The film will be released worldwide in four languages

Lyca Productions' Subaskaran is ready with a prestigious action drama film to be released in multiple languages. Kollywood hero Arun Vijay’s 'Mission: Chapter 1', produced on a lavish scale by M Rajashekar and S Swathi, will be presented by Lyca Productions. The film's slick and gripping teaser was released today.

The teaser, which effectively brings out the rich production values and tension in the story, begins with the mention of Wandsworth prison in London. Shots of the prison are shown with an unseen character saying that prisoners from all over the world are holed up there. Amy Jackson is introduced as a prison guard who knows how to tame those who go rogue. Tension is built gradually when charging and sealing are declared to smother rogue elements inside the prison.

Arun Vijay makes a dashing entry at this. He looks aggressive and angry, performing daredevil stunts in a dramatic turn of events at the prison. Amy's character is seen asking if he is a smuggler, a gangster, or a terrorist. Towards the fag end of the teaser, the emotional core of the movie is introduced when the protagonist's kid daughter and her tender affection for her father are introduced. The daughter needs a head surgery, while the father is also on treatment.

Lyca Productions is undoubtedly delivering solid content. The film is directed by the talented filmmaker Vijay, whose is known for variety, craft and a thorough understanding of popular tastes. He shot 'Mission: Chapter 1' in just 70 working days across locations in Chennai and London.

The action sequences are mounted spectacularly. The cinematography and the production design (the prison is a meticulously designed set) are top-notch.


Arun Vijay, Amy Jackson, Nimisha Sajayan, Abi Hassan, Bharath Bopanna, Baby Iyal, Viraaj S, Jason Shah.


Director - Vijay, Head of Lyca Productions - GKM Tamil Kumaran; Produced by - Subaskaran, M Rajashekar, S Swathi; Co-Produced by - Surya Vamsi Prasad Kotha, Jeevan Kotha; Music by - GV Prakash Kumar; Script & Screenplay - A Mahadev; Dialogues by - Vijay; Cinematography by - Sandeep K Vijay; Editor - Anthony; Stunts by - Stunt Silva; Art Director - Saravanan Vasanth; Costume Designer - Ruchi Munoth; Makeup by - Pattanam Rasheed; Executive Producer - V Ganesh; Production Controller - K Mani Varma; Executive Producers (UK) - Siva Kumar, Siva Saravanan; Production Executive - Manoj Kumar K; Costumer - Modepalli Ramana; Sound Design - MR Rajakrishnan; VFX - DNote; Stills - RS Raja; Promotion & Strategies - Shiyam Jack; PRO - Naidu Surendra Kumar, Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media); Publicity Designer - Prathool NT. 

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