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"Kalyanamastu" movie trailer released by hero Shiva Balaji

 "Kalyanamastu" movie trailer released by hero Shiva Balaji

Shekhar Ayan Varma and Vaibhavi Rao are the lead cast of the movie "Kalyanamastu" under the direction of O.Sai. So far, every content from this love & action film has impressed the audience immensely.

The film team has already released a song from this film called "vesavikalam". The song is penned by Alaraju and sung by Yajin Nazir and Aditi Bhavraju. Shivabalaji has recently launched the trailer of this movie. The trailer is interesting from start to finish. With stunning visuals, commercial elements along with a cute love story.

Boyapati Raghubabu produced this movie directed by O.Sai. Cinematography by Mallikarjun Naragani and music composed by R.R. Dhruvan. The film "Kalyanamastu" will be released on May 12.

Director O.Sai said, I am thankful to producer Boyapati Raghubabu and Shekhar for giving me this opportunity. Every content that has been released so far in this movie has received a good response from the people. This movie is going to release on May 12. Everyone go to the theater and watch it.

Shivabalaji said, this trailer is very good. In this movie, every single technician has shown their talent and the actors have performed very well.

Kashi Vishwanad Garu said that a small film is supported by many famous people in the industry, which means that there is some element that they like in the film. Content wise the movie is very good. I also played a role in the movie. If you look at Shekhar Varma, when I was working as an assistant director, actors like Ravi Teja and Sri Vishnu were as active as they were, and he performed in a very casual, easy and natural manner and hope he has a bright future.

Heroine Vaibhavi Rao said, this film is very important to me, everyone has worked very hard. I definitely wish you all to watch the movie and make it successful.

Hero Shekhar Varma said that this film has every emotion that the audience wants, comedy, drama, action, story, if compared to my previous films, my makeover is very good. Nowadays it is very difficult to bring a small film to the theatre, so we have brought this film to the theatre. I want everyone to see and appreciate it.


Shekhar Verma, Vaibhavi Rao


Directed by: O. Sai,

Producer: Boyapati Raghubabu,

Cameraman: Mallikarjun Naragani,

Music: RR Dhruvan

PRO: Eluru Srinu

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