Home » » Standing ovation for 'RRR' at Ace Hotel screening overwhelms Mega PowerStar Ram Charan

Standing ovation for 'RRR' at Ace Hotel screening overwhelms Mega PowerStar Ram Charan

 Standing ovation for 'RRR' at Ace Hotel screening overwhelms Mega PowerStar Ram Charan

Mega PowerStar Ram Charan touched after 'RRR' receives a standing ovation at international screening

Mega PowerStar Ram Charan says standing ovation for RRR at Ace Hotel will be a lifetime memory

This standing ovation for 'RRR' will be etched in my memory forever: Mega PowerStar Ram Charan

The epic action drama 'RRR' was screened on March 1 at Ace Hotel Theatre in Los Angeles. Ram Charan was present at the screening with feted director SS Rajamouli, celebrated composer MM Keeravani, and the super-talented cinematographer KK Senthilkumar. Post the screening, the team was in for a huge round of applause. So much so, there was a standing ovation. 

The Mega PowerStar was visibly touched by the outpouring of love. He spoke straight from his heart, and he was as endearing as he could. He clearly enjoyed the cheers and the spontaneous love that the audience showered on him, the film and the rest of the team. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Mega PowerStar began by suggesting that unbridled love from the audience is what has always kept him going. "I don't know if I can speak for everybody but as an actor, I think I look forward to these moments. I work hard for these moments, to entertain all of you and to see this kind of reaction. Thank you so much for this applause. I want to thank my director for making me a part of such an iconic film," Charan said. 

Proving that he is always grounded and a learner for life, Charan described himself as a student. "In simple words, I was a student at 'Magadheera' and I was a student at 'RRR'. It is not for fun when I say he (Rajamouli) is like a principal, he is like a teacher, he is like a guru. Literally, every time I meet him, he gives me so much knowledge and information - wisdom that helps me understand how to go about this craft. And that I can use for another 10 years," Ram Charan added. 

He made a reference to Jr NTR, his co-star. "Both of us, Tarak and me, have become very close (thanks to 'RRR'). For whatever reason, we couldn't meet (much). But we caught up so much (because of 'RRR') that we became so close. And I think it resonated a little bit to Rajamouli sir's mind and he said let me cast these two because it will be easy for me to show the camaraderie, the brotherhood," Charan said, adding that he missed Tarak on the occasion.

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