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Richie Gadi Pelli Movie Review

Movie Title: Richie Gadi Pelli


Release Date: March 3 2023

Starring: Naveen Neni, Sathya SK, Praneetha Patnaik, Bunny vox, Kishore Marishetty, Chandana Raj, Praveen Reddy, Satish etc...

Editor: Arun EM

Music Director: Sathyan

Cinematography: Vijay Ulaghanath

Dialogues: Rajendra Vaitla

Story: Rajendra Vaitla & Nagaraju 

Co-Producer: Surya Meher

Producer: KS Hemraj

Banner: K.S. Film works

Screenplay & Direction: K.S. Hemraj

 Check out the Review of Richie Gadi  Pelli is a feel-good emotional drama starring Naveen Neni, Sathya SK, Praneeta Patnaik, Chandana Raj, Praveen Reddy,Bunny vox, and Kishore Marishetti and directed by KS Hemaraj under KS Film Works banner 


'Richie' (Satya SK) & 'Netra' (Bunnyvox) fall deeply in love  and breaks up their relationship After that Richie Announces about his marriage to his friends 

And everyone starts to ooty to participate in Richie marriage  what happened after that forms the main story 


Satya SK's acting is good he has good acting skills as a lover boy he has done his best his performance is unique and long way to go . Praneetha Patnaik's character is very unique and the performance is appreciated. Bunny vox is a YouTube star in real life. She played a key role and her acting  is very homely in the movie. Naveen Neni performed well Lakshmipati (Satish) made the audience laugh. Kishore Marishetti, Chandana Raj, Praveen Reddy and others performed well.

Technical Department: 

In this segment must appreciate producers for their production values The story presented by Rajendra Vaytla & Nagaraju Madhuri story is okay KS hem Raj Narration is good The cinematography by Vijay Ulaghanath is visually superb. Sathyan the music director was fine

 Verdict :  on whole Richi Gadi Pelli is a watchable film 

Rating: 3.25/5

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