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KTLA 5 Channel Ramcharan Interview

 KTLA 5 Channel Ramcharan Interview

It will be the most surreal thing, says Mega Power Star Ram Charan ahead of Oscars

Mega Power Star Ram Charan, who recently debuted on Good Morning America followed by an ABC News appearance, is now soaking in the LA vibe at a time when everyone is terming him a Global Star on the rise! Los Angeles' popular entertainment channel KTLA has interviewed him. 

Ahead of the 95th Oscars to be held in Los Angeles on March 12, Ram Charan is kicked about it. KTLA5's Sam Rubin makes the versatile action hero talk about the Oscars nom and what his state of mind is. There is excitement in the air about the live performance by the 'RRR' team that is coming up at the prestigious Academy awards. Catch the superstar talk about what has worked like magic for 'RRR', the experience of doing 'Naatu Naatu' and more. 

*Q. Why do you think 'RRR' resonated so well in so many countries?*

A. The film is one of the best writings by our director, Mr. Rajamouli. It's about different genres like drama and (themes like) brotherhood coming together. It is about the camaraderie of these two guys (Alluri and Bheem). It is a little bit about fighting the colonial oppression that India was subjected to. I think that it touched the sentiments of many people in many ways. 

*Q. There is electrifying dance and music in the film in the shape of 'Naatu Naatu'. Was it daunting or exciting to you to take that on?*

A. I never danced as a child. I think the producer paid me well (laughs). I had to do it. 'Naatu Naatu' is one of the most beautiful songs ever. There were about 300 professional dancers on set. It was shot for 17 days after a rehearsal of 7 days. They think I am a good dancer. I don't know how the tag came about but I have to keep living up to their expectations (smiles). 

*On the upcoming live performance at the Oscars ceremony.*

The audience have given us so much. It will be my way of showing my love to the audience by performing the song. It will be like a tribute. 

*Q. How would it be for 'Naatu Naatu' to win the Oscar after a Golden Globe Award and other international awards?*

It will be the most surreal moment in my life. I just wanted to be a guest there and now being nominated, I can't wait to take that lady back home with your team. Our film is re-releasing tomorrow (in the US). It will definitely not disappoint you. 

*Q. What does it mean to you for your song to be in the Oscars race?*

A. It is the most satisfying feeling as an actor. Coming from India, in 85 years of our film industry's history, you have acknowledged us and appreciated our film to the best. I am just happy to entertain more audiences in different countries and it is just time for us to be in this industry.




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