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'Katha Venuka Katha' will be a big hit this April 2023: Producer Avanindra Kumar

 'Katha Venuka Katha' will be a big hit this April 2023: Producer Avanindra Kumar

Dandamudi Box Office is ready with a thriller film starring Viswanth Duddumpudi, Srijitha Ghoush, and Subha Sri in the lead. Directed by Krishna Chaitanya, the promising movie is produced by Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar. The film will be hitting the theatres on April 2023.

The pre-release event of this movie was held in Hyderabad on Monday. On the special occasion, the makers brought out a special video condemning atrocious incidents such as Nirbhaya. 

Speaking on the occasion, hero Viswanth Duddampudi said, "This film will turn out to be a very good turn in my career. I grew up watching content Malayalam movies, which have always influenced me as an artist. Their influence made me resolve that I shouldn't do bad movies. With such a motive, I chose 'Katha Venuka Katha'. This is an experimental movie. This is not a hero-driven story at all. I got to gain rapport with Sunil anna while doing this film. Ali garu became a part of our team. I can't forget his support. Thanks to the actors as well as the technicians who have given their best. Avanindra Kumar is a very good producer. I want to collaborate on more films with him." 

Producer Avanindra Kumar thanked his executive producer Sai on the occasion for contributing immensely to the origin of the project. "As soon as I heard the story, it is Sunil who came to my min. I had once promised to make a film with him should I find a nice script. Sai guided this project standing from the front. After watching HBO channel, I started DBO (Dandamudi Box Office) in the same spirit. Ours is a massive industry that has taught me a lot. Doing business here is not easy. You have to have a full passion to thrive here. We can make good films only if we don't think about profit and loss. Anyone who wants to enter this field must pursue it with dedication. The movie should be a great success. We will encourage new talent and make films in the future too." 

Executive Producer Gottipati Sai said, "It's been 30 years since I entered the industry. I have done more than 80 films so far. Avanindra Kumar is very precise about his investment. He played a role in bettering people's lives during the pandemic. He reached this stage in life after facing many struggles at every turn. He deserves people's blessings. One should be in the industry only if one is passionate, especially small producers who always need to be circumspect. The movie will release on April 2023. I want everyone to watch the movie in theaters and enjoy it." 

Film director Krishna Chaitanya said, "Special thanks to our producer Avanindra Kumar garu for giving me the opportunity to direct the movie. Thanks to hero Viswanth. My friend Sai is the main reason for this opportunity. This is a very powerful story. Thanks to the supporting artists and technicians. Also thanks to our music director Shravana Bharadwaj." 

Actor Ali said, "Producer Avanindra Kumar is a kind-hearted person. He has no intention of making films for profit. He wants to introduce promising directors. He does not keep the profits with him but distributes them to others. Also, it has been 30 years since Gottipati Sai entered the industry. He worked as a co-producer of this film. With producers like him, everyone can be rest assured that they will be taken care of. Film industry is as good as its producers." 

Actor Sunil said, "I want this film to be a big hit. Producer Avanindra Kumar stood for this project. I am very lucky to have found such a producer. The story is superb. Thanks to Sai garu for bringing a good producer to the industry. Viswanth is such a talent. He will be a good hero in the future. Congratulations to him and all the other actors. The movie will release on April 2023. This is a unique character for me. Thanks to Krishna Chaitanya garu for offering me such a good role. Shravan Bharadwaj has given very good music." 

Music director Shravan Bharadwaj said, "Everyone thinks that I give good music for romantic movies. But I know that I will give music to all talented directors. Director Krishna Chaitanya is one of them. Producer Avanindra garu and executive producer Sai garu gave me freedom and motivated me to work hard. I composed music for two songs. Poornachari has provided superb lyrics. Everyone is going to love the songs." 

Music director RP Patnaik said, "Thanks to director Krishna Chaitanya and special thanks to producer Avanindra Kumar for giving me the opportunity to compose a song. Avanindra garu is not only a businessman but also a producer. He is a person with a good heart. I watched the film. Everyone including Viswanth did amazingly. Sunil has acted in a role that has not been done till now."

Lyric writer Purnachari said, "Thanks to the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to write two songs in the film. Shravan has provided excellent music."

Actor Madhu Nandan said, "Producer Avanindra Kumar is not only making a big-scale film, but he is also doing promotions in the same range. He is such a passionate producer. This movie produced by him will be a big hit." 

Heroine Srijitha Ghoush said, "I am happy to be a part of Telugu cinema. This has got a different story. Viswanth is an amazing co-actor. Everyone supported me well. Shravan gave solid music." 

Heroine Shubhashree said, "Thanks to Krishna Chaitanya, Sai garu and producer Avanindra Kumar for giving me a chance in a good movie. Thanks to everyone, including Viswanth, Sreejitha, Sunil garu and Ali garu." 


Viswanth Duddumpudi, Srijitha Ghoush, Subha Sri, Ali, Sunil, Jaya Prakash, Banerjee, Raghu Babu, Satyam Rajesh, Madhu Nandhan, Bhupal, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Khayyum, 'Ee Rojullo' Sai, Rupa.


Cinematographers: Ganganamoni Sekhar, Eshwar; Editor: Amar Reddy Kudumula; Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj; Fights: Anji, Real Sathish; Art Director: Venkat Salapu; Choreography: Banu; Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam, Purnachari; Executive Producer: Sai Gottipati; Producer: Avanindra Kumar; Story, dialogues, screenplay, direction: Krishna Chaitanya. Audio: Aditya Music, PRO: Nayudu Surendra Kumar - Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)

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