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Just a Minute Motion Poster Launched


The term Genuine Star applies to Abhishek more than any other hero in the Telugu film industry, and for a good reason. He endeared himself to the audience by his open mind, clear thought and straightforward views. We saw him in Aavu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli, Yedu Chaapala Katha and Wife-I. But his claim to fame was as Tempt Ravi in Yedu Chaapala Katha, where everyone loved his natural acting and also got a taste of his excellent comedic timing. Now, his upcoming movie "Just A Minute", which is a clean comedy, will see Abhishek pair up with Jabardasth fame Phani to deliver laughs from start to finish. It also stars Naziya Khan as the leading lady, Satish Saripalli and social media sensation Vineesha, among others.  

Story and screenplay are by Arshad Tanveer, under whose banners of RedSwan Entertainment, Karthik Dharmapuri presents this film is coming to light. Dr. Prakash Dharmapuri is one of the producers, while newcomer Poorna's Yaswanth has directed the film, Ameer has done cinematography, and Durga Narasimha has edited it. "Bullet Bandi" fame music director SK Baji has composed music for the movie, except for the title track which has been composed by a 17 year old Rayan.

The movie has completed its production and is wrapping up post production.

Movie name: Just a Minute

Banner: Redswan Entertainment and Karthik Dharmapuri presents


Abhishiek Reddy Pachipala, Naziya Khan, Jabardasth Phani, Vineesha, Satish Saripalli, Nagaram Suneel, Karthik Dharmapuri, Kushi, Nagireddy, Duvvasi Mohan (in a special role).

Producers: Dr. Prakash Dharmapuri and Redswan Entertainment

Story, Screenplay: Arshad Tanveer

Executive producer: Suri Sree Inaganti

Technical crew:

Director: Poorna's Yaswanth

Cinematographer: Ameer

Music directors: SK Baji, and Rayan (for title track)

Editor: Durga Narasimha

Associate editor: Karthik Dharmapuri

Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala

Singers: Mohana Bhogaraaju, Vishnu Priya, Sarag Keerthan, Manju

PRO and promotions: Madhu VR

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