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Intinti Ramayanam is a pristine film on Telangana culture

Intinti Ramayanam is a pristine film on Telangana culture presented in a beautiful way. This will be a rollercoaster ride: Rahul Ramakrishna

Intinti Ramayanam will resonate with everyone, it has a lovely story: Director Maruthi

The highly anticipated Telugu movie, Intinti Ramayanam, is set to hit the screens soon, much to the excitement of Telugu cinema fans across the world. Produced by Venkat Upputuri and Gopi Chand Innamuri under IVY Productions, the film is presented by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Maruthi Team. Initinti Ramayanam is written and directed by Suresh Naredla and is a genuine family drama with a perfect blend of entertainment and emotions.

With an impressive cast that includes Rahul Ramakrishna, Navya Swamy, Naresh Vijaya Krishna, 

Gangavva, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Anji Mama and others, Intinti Ramayanam promises to be a cinematic treat for the audience, with its gripping storyline, beautiful visuals, and soulful music – composed by Kalyani Malik. The team behind the movie is confident that it will resonate with viewers of all ages and backgrounds and leave a lasting impact on them.

Gangavva called Rahul, Navya, and whole team as her family. She said, “Intinti Ramayanam is a family entertainer that tugs at your heartstrings. I request everyone to come to theatres and watch this film.”

Anji Mama exclaimed that Intinti Ramayanam is a wonderful project carved to perfection by director Suresh Naredla. He said, “I was tensed a little at the beginning as I transitioned from a small screen to big screen work. Naresh and other cast supported me a lot. The movie with Telangana nativity got me into tears and it will click with the audience very well.”

Producers Venkat Upputuri and Gopi Chand Indumuri thanked Vamshi and Maruti for all the help and support. 

Director Suresh Naredla said, “Intinti Ramaynam started as aha original film and after looking at the output, Vamsi sir said this film needs a theatrical experience. I thank Rahul, Navya, Naresh and all my artists. They made me forget my tension. I was sceptical if I can complete the shoot in 45 days as planned, but my team struggled to make it happen. Aha team supported me to take the film to big screens. Intinti Ramayanam is a unique point that must be watched with whole families. This will be a treat for cinema lovers. Thanks to music director Kalyani Malik and lyricist Kasarla Shyam.”

Naresh Vijaya Krishna said, “There are many films on rural backdrop. This film walks an extra mile by bringing Telangana culture to the fore. In today’s world, there are no barriers for the reach of cinema. Suresh did a great job with IR. I am a great fan of Maruthi, and I laugh all through his films. The same happened with IR, we could laugh through all the film.”

Navya Swamy called this a dream come true. She remarked, “This is a perfect gateway for me to enter into movies. Thanks to everyone and especially director Suresh, his storytelling is fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and had a lot of fun on sets.”

Rahul Ramakrishna called out two reasons to do this film – the story and the fanboy moment working with all the actors. He said, “I did the movie as a fanboy. Intinti Ramayanam is a pristine film presented in a beautiful way. I thank Vamsi and Maruthi for giving me this opportunity.”

S Naga Vamsi said, “We planned to release it on aha initially, but after looking at the output wanted to go for theatrical release. This launches my two good friends as producers and hope they taste success with this film.”

Maruthi asked everyone to support small films. He said, “Suresh worked as an associate from the days of Kotha Janta. Once he came to me with a story, and I got excited with the story. Then I felt the story will resonate with everyone. It revolves around a miscommunication and how it created a rift in the family. I am feeling happy to launch Venkat and Gopi as producers. It was quite a challenge to rope in the star cast, and everyone fitted well into the characters. I request you to watch the film on big screen, and encourage small films.” 

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