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First Look of 'Annapurna Photo Studio' unveiled at the hands of popular producer D Suresh Babu

 First Look of 'Annapurna Photo Studio' unveiled at the hands of popular producer D Suresh Babu

'Annapurna Photo Studio' is the sixth film coming under the banner of Big Ben Cinemas, the banner that made a name for itself with Pelli Choopulu, Dear Comrade, and Dorasaani. Chaitanya Rao of '30 Weds 21' fame is acting as the hero and Lavanya is the film's heroine. Previously, a concept poster of the film was released at the hands of director Harish Shankar. It received a unanimous response from the industry as well as the audience. And now, the first look poster of this movie was released at the hands of senior producer Suresh Babu garu.

Speaking on the occasion, the respected producer conveyed his best wishes to the entire team of the movie. He hoped that 'Annapurna Photo Studio' draws the audience to theatres.

Director Chendu Muddu said, "We are happy to release the first look poster through Suresh Babu garu. Yash Rangineni, who has made a unique mark in Telugu with Pelli Choopulu, liked my story and gave me this opportunity. A young team has worked on the movie, which is a pure love story set in the rural backdrop of the 1980s. There will be some twists and thrilling elements. This is a rooted film that will make the audience nostalgic. In the past, a short film I had done brought me some fame. Hope this film will better that. Technically, this one has got the best output. Cinematographer Pankaj, Music director Prince Henry, Editor Venkat are young and enthusiastic. The producer gave us complete freedom. There is no typical hero or heroine in this film. All are just well-written characters with their own identity. After seeing the final copy, I am feeling very happy and confident. We are going to start promotions soon. After seeing the lyrical videos, teaser and trailer that are going to come up, the audience will definitely understand that this is a special movie. Films with good content are always appreciated by the audience."

Heroine Lavanya said, "Thanks to Suresh Babu garu for releasing the first look poster of our movie. We have been getting support since the beginning of the film. The movie is getting ready for release. I want the audience to support us. Big Ben Cinemas is an amazing banner. Producer Yash gave complete freedom to the director. The cinematographer has ensured awesome visuals. Our music director Prince Henry's songs will please everyone." He predicted that expectations from the movie will ratchet up with the release of songs. "The story mainly revolves around seven characters. With a good love story, fun, suspense, thrill, and good commercial elements, I can say that it will give a good feeling to every audience member," he added.

Hero Chaitanya Rao said, "On behalf of our movie team, we congratulate Keeravani garu and the entire RRR team on winning the Oscar award. Thanks to Suresh Babu for unveiling the first-look poster of our movie. We thank him for supporting us since the beginning. This is another beautiful movie coming from Big Ben Cinemas. I sincerely thank the director and producer who believed in me and gave me this opportunity. This is a pure film that will transport the audience to beautiful locations and to bygone times. The main asset of this movie is the cinematography. While taking care of the background of the story, extraordinary visuals have been provided. Each frame was carefully shot. Prince Henry's music is pristine. The songs will give a nostalgic feeling. Also, the movie has been taken to the next level with an excellent background score. Venkat has given the best output in terms of editing. He has brilliantly edited the screenplay-based movie. Special mention should be made about our producer."

Producer Yash Rangineni said, "I am proud as a Telugu about the Oscar glory of 'Naatu Naatu'. I would like to thank Suresh Babu for releasing the first-look poster of our movie. His support has been there since the beginning. This is a concept-based movie whose forte is its story. This is a fairy tale film filled with fun, crime and thriller elements. The screenplay is especially very good. Apart from this, the cinematography, music and editing are its stand-out features. At a time when even villages are acquiring the features of towns, the team has worked hard to make this film which is set in the 1980s. The team has done a lot of hard work to recreate the old-world village scene. We went from Amalapuram to Kerala and shot in authentic locations. In that sense, the whole movie is like a visual feast that brings back memories of our childhood. The scenes of playing in ponds and on the fields in the villages, the visuals of families and their bindings will impress the audience. Big Ben Cinemas needs no introduction. I have always been interested in making films with good content. Everyone knows how big a hit the first movie under our banner was. After Pelli Choopulu, Dear Comrade and Dorasaani, we are confident of yet another hit. The biggest asset of this film is the music. Music director Prince Henry is the backbone of the film in terms of songs and BGM. The cinematography is brilliant. The entire team worked hard to make the film a visual feast while working very hard in tough weather conditions. The two-hour movie doesn't feel long at all."


Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya, Mihira, Uttara, Vaiva Raghava, Lalit Aditya and others.


Music director: Prince Henry, Cinematography: Pankaj, Editor: D Venkat Prabhu, PRO - GSK Media, Banner: Big Ben Cinemas, Producer: Yash Rangineni, Written and Directed by Chendu Muddu

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