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Dasara Oora Mass Theatrical Trailer Is Out Now

 Natural Star Nani, Srikanth Odela, Sudhakar Cherukuri, SLV Cinemas’ Dasara Oora Mass Theatrical Trailer Is Out Now

Natural Star Nani’s Pan India film Dasara under the direction of Srikanth Odela garnered nationwide attention with its mind-blowing teaser, superb soundtracks, and other promotional material. Today, the makers unveiled the theatrical trailer at Pratibha Theatre in Lucknow.

While the teaser was meant to present the rustic character of Dharani (Nani). The theatrical trailer shows what the movie is all about, besides introducing all the prominent characters and their characteristics. Dharani is an alcoholic who steals coal from trains for a living. When life goes smoothly, an incident brings all the troubles. He then resolves to go against the powerful people.

The beginning itself gives positive vibes, as the Bathukamma festivities with a pleasant song in the background. Keerthy Suresh who didn’t appear in the teaser is introduced as Vennela. She is excellent in her character. Interestingly, Keerthy Suresh is seen in the opening and the ending episode in the trailer. Dheekshith Shetty, Samuthirakani and Shine Tom Chacko are good in their respective roles.

Nani has sought to shed his romantic hero image for a heavy-duty mass and action-hero avatar. It is needless to mention that Dasara is a Nani show. Underwent an incredible transformation, Nani looked rustic and rugged. From body language to diction to action, he is able to embody and express these key elements of the character with clinical ease. Particularly, he is brilliant in action sequences. His screen presence is outstanding.

The story is so dense and has so many elements, twists, and underlying emotions and drama, as the trailer suggests. The speed of the narrative remains consistently breakneck. Srikanth Neel’s direction is virtuoso. His taking is extraordinary and it didn’t look like Dasara is his first movie. There are a fair share of scenes and dialogues that bring out hoots and cheers from the masses.

Adding the extra edge to the film are the cinematography, art direction, music, and the locales. Everything looks top notch and one is often left spellbound at the scenes. The mood of every scene is beautifully captured by cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan. Santhosh Narayanan gives enough elevation to the scenes with his pulsating BGM. Naveen Nooli’s sharp editing and Avinash Kolla’s production design are other major assets. The movie is made on a grand scale that translates on screen. Sudhakar Cherukuri produced the movie on a lavish budget. The trailer has set high expectations and makes us wait eagerly to watch the movie in cinemas.

Vijay Chaganti is the Executive Producer of the film that will have a simultaneous release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages on March 30th.

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