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CSI Sanathan.. An excellent thriller - Producer Ajay Srinivas

 CSI Sanathan.. An excellent thriller - Producer Ajay Srinivas 

CSI Sanathan Entertains All Kinds of Audience - Producer Ajay Srinivas 

CSI Sanathan is the first project under our Chaganti Production banner. This is a thriller movie. Currently the trend of thriller movies is running well. Apart from the youth, the audience from all ages likes this kind of films. The main reason for me to make this film is how the forensic department diagnoses the crime in this film. Thriller movies are often thought of as remakes. But our film is a completely self-made story. Not a remake or inspiration of any movie in any language. Many people have a doubt about what is CSI. CSI stands for 'Crime Scene Investigation'. As the hero's name is Sanatan, the title was given as 'CSI Sanatan' which is new and catchy. We have also done a lot of research related to forensics. After that we developed the story completely. We thought that an actor like Aadi Saikumar would be better for this kind of film.. We waited for him for a long time. His expressions and body language suit this story well. I can definitely say that this movie will give Adi Saikumar a huge success. I have selected all the main cast with the intention of giving the best to the director according to the story. The director got the best output from all of them. Also every character has priority. Everyone knows how important background score is for such movies. That's why we took Anish Solomon as the music director. I can say that his RR will surely ring in theatres. The BGM in every scene is haunting. The title song will be in Next Level. Our DVP Shekhar has given the best cinematography. My father is the reason for approaching big directors regarding promotions. I also wanted to release the trailer along with the promotional activities with the directors. After watching the trailer, they also praised that it was very good and thrilling, and their confidence in the film increased. Not only they say, but the audience also gets a hundred percent thrill in every scene as long as they watch the movie. The difference between CSI Sanatan movie and forensic related movies is that the investigation in the crime scene is detailed. The story revolves around a company CEO's murder mystery investigation. The Interval Bang is more surprising than ever seen in recent times. Most of the producers choose the commercial genre for their first film. But I like thriller movies. Although such things are watchable at one time, I chose this genre because of my belief in stories and narratives. This is not just an investigation.. There is an issue related to a big scam that has surprised many people in India. Every audience will connect with this issue. Even if there are exams in March.. I think the audience of thriller movies will definitely love our movie. We are releasing this film on March 10 due to the lack of competition and the market and image of our hero. I think this is the right date as the competition will increase from the following week onwards. All the post production work was done at Annapurna Studios. After seeing the output of this movie, I am hundred percent confident as a producer. Our hero Adi Saikumar is like a brother to me. I have known him for three years. He accepted our film before his previous films. Completed. However, we are releasing it on March 10, even though it is a bit late to come up with a good date. After this movie there is a sequel We have planned. The story is developed. There is an idea to do a franchise. We are planning another film with the title Vedanth. It is also a thriller based on black magic and women trafficking. We hope that our CSI Sanatan movie coming on 10th March will entertain you all and I want the support of all the audience. thank you. 

Cast - Aadi saikumar, Misha Narang, Ali Reza, Nandini Roy, Tarak Ponnappa, Madhusudan, Vasanthi etc. 

Technicians – 

Cinematography: G. Shekhar 

Music: Anish Solomon 

PRO. GSK Media 

Producer: Ajay Srinivas 

Director: Sivashankar Dev

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