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CSI Sanatan is a New age Murder mystery.

 CSI Sanatan is a New age Murder mystery.

CSI Sanathan is a movie produced by Ajay Srinivas under the banner of Chaganti Productions and presented by Smt Sunitha. Aadi Saikumar, Misha Narang, Nandini Roy, Vasanthi, Tarak Ponnappa, Ali Reza, Qayyum played the lead roles. A pre-release event was held for this movie which is going to be released this Friday.

On this occasion, producer DS Rao said, "Such films are well liked by the audience. Shantayya garu is a person who believes in stories. He used to advise me about the stories for the films I produced. Now the audience trend has changed. They are voting for content and not for heroes. If that content can be shown in the trailer itself, they will definitely come to the theater. Promotions should also be done on social media. Now more promotions are coming on social media than on TV. This trailer has power. Even in the industry, there are positive discussions on the trailer of this movie. I definitely believe that the audience will come to the theater. And Aadi Saikumar is a very talented hero. I tried to do a film with him earlier. I hope it will be possible soon. I wish the best to all the actors in this movie. Our Shanthaiah’s son Ajay Srinivas is coming from the software field as a producer. Looking at his quest for cinema, I wish him a big success. I want this movie to be a big success..''

Producer Ajay Srinivas said.. 'When Aadi Anna was told this story, he got very excited. After seeing his excitement, we worked hard together with director Dev on the story. We have studied for every detailing regarding this story. Our cameraman Shekhar's film work will be a huge plus. RR is going to be the highlight of the movie. I can definitely say that the audience who comes to the theater with faith in this movie will not be disappointed under any circumstances..''

Actress Vasanthi said.. All the best to the whole team of our movie which is going to be released on March 10. I played an important role in this film. I thank the director and producers for giving me this opportunity.

Anchor cum actor Roja said .. 'I have done a role in this movie. I thank the director and producer for giving me this character. The trailer is very interesting. Hundred percent curiosity has been created with the trailer itself. I wish all the best to the creators and producers of this movie..''

Executive producer Kumar said.. 'Many of the actors in this film are colleagues and friends. Watching movies and sharing that experience is part of my profession. CSI Sanathan was the first film that gave me the experience of making a film. That's why this is a special movie for me. I got a chance to personally experience every craft from script to post production. I thank Chaganti Productions Shanthiayagaru for giving me this opportunity. With this movie you are going to see a new Adi Saikumar. Unlike the roles he has done so far, in this movie, the whole movie is going to be seen in the same mood. Aadi Gari, who recently got a big success with the Puli Meka series, hopes that this movie will give him another big success. A very serious role was done with more intensity. Wishing that a new phase will start with this movie, all the best to the entire team..''

Another actor Siva Karthik said, 'This is a peculiar role for me after Acharya and Akhanda. Everyone has faced a peculiar situation in their life. The connecting point for all is the harm it causes in their lives. Thanking the director and producers for giving such a good role.. I want everyone to watch this movie which is going to be released on March 10..'

Actor Nageswara Rao said.. I thank Kumar for giving me this opportunity. I will be seen in the role of a forensic doctor. You will know what it means after watching the movie. This movie trailer is very good. Aadigaru is new and good. The subject appeals to all. After Puli Meka, I want this movie to give Adi a bigger success..''

Director Sivashankar Dev said.. 'When this story was told, along with the hero, the producers also got very excited. This story is based on some real incidents. Many such things are already happening in our country. Through this story we are going to show what is right and what is wrong from the audience's point of view. So I hope this story will connect with all of you. I can confidently say that no one will be disappointed. I would like to thank everyone who has supported this movie.

Hero Adi Saikumar said.. 'Hello everyone. First of all Happy Holi. I celebrated Holi with my baby. Also, Happy Women's Day to everyone. A year and a half ago when Dev told me this story I found it very interesting. Usually we see such stories in Malayalam. This is good content that takes a good point and runs on it completely. I think CSI Sanathan is the first Telugu story that revolves around a certain point on a crime scene. It really excited me. This is a story that every common man can connect with at the same time. Financial crime revolves around Builds scene by scene. The director has told this story in great detail. I want this movie to give a good hit to Dev.. and to give a big break to our producer Srinivas. All the best to my co-actors and technicians. Tarak Ponnappa played a great role in this movie. Ali Reza's role is good. Audience loves good movies. I believe that our CSI Sanatan movie will please all of you. On this occasion, I thank the OTT audience for making our Puli Meka movie a success. Also, believing that this movie will also be a big success.. I want you all to support CSI Sanathan which is coming to the theaters on this 10th..'

Actors - Aadi saikumar, Misha Narang, Ali Reza, Roja, Nandini Roy, Takkar Ponnappa, Madhu Sudan, Vasanthi and others.

Technical Category –

Cinematography: G. Shekhar

Music: Aneesh Solomon

PRO. GSK Media

Producer: Ajay Srinivas

Director: Sivashankar Dev

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