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Software Engineer-turned-Film Director Srikanth "Sri" Appalaraju

Hereafter my life in this ‘Direction’ only

 -Software Engineer-turned-Film Director

Srikanth "Sri" Appalaraju

Riding on two boats is not for me! I chose to focus on films and nothing else!” That’s what the multi faceted  Srikanth “Sri” Appalaraju says. With an ever promising track as a  software engineer he has worked with world famous multi national corporations. 

With the movie, “Cheema - Prema - madhyalo Bhaama!”,  (‘The Ant - The Love - and The Girl in between’) he debuted as a director and won several national and international awards highlighting his skills. This romantic flick was produced by Magnum Opus Films and was acclaimed and appreciated in America, Canada, UK, France etc. winning Best Director (Debut) trophies!

Starting from his early days Srikanth has been into music and writing lyrics and stories. He’s also a published writer of "Srikantharangam" - a real piece of art. Holding an engineering degree, Srikanth also pursued a master’s in business administration. He went to New York Film Academy to sharpen his directorial skills. Prior to entering the film world, he had his hands on short films (my cowboy, ‘endukilaa?’, take it easy etc.) and gained insight in filmmaking. One fine day, all his efforts and creativity landed him an opportunity to direct “Cheema - Prema - madhyalo Bhaama!

Pretty soon he is set to direct his second film (with the same old banner - he worked earlier for). That’s not all, he’s ready with a script for his third film as well. Rajamouli, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and James Cameron are his favorites in the field.Srikanth is aspiring to gain a unique recognition with his own style and endless passion for films.

Srikanth counts the praise showered by legendary singer Sri S.P.Balasubrahmanyam on his debut film as most memorable!!! 

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