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Intriguing Anthology "Anger Tales" Trailer unveils relatable Rebel Stories !!

 Intriguing Anthology "Anger Tales" Trailer unveils relatable Rebel Stories !!

Surrounded by the chaos and struck in the turbulence of the flow of life, venting Anger is an obvious expression of reality. 

Written around the complications surrounding the lives of different individuals, Anger Tales Trailer unveils the rebellious anger of annoyed, irritated and irked characters.

Signing in a bunch of talented cast like Tharun Bhascker, Madonna Sebastian, Suhas, Venkatesh Maha, Bindu Madhavi, and others in the lead roles Disney+ Hotstar is coming up with this exciting series.

Directed by Tilak Prabhala and produced by Sridhar Reddy and Suhas, the series seem to have a very relatable play with engaging scenes and the background score.

Amidst expectations 'Anger Tales' will stream on Disney+ Hotstar from the 9th of March.

Cast :

Venkatesh Maha


Ravindra Vijay

Bindu Madhavi

Phani Acharya

Tharun Bhascker

Madonna Sebastian


DOP - Amardeep, Vinod K Bangari, Venkat R Shakhamuri, AJ Aaron

Editor - Kodati Pavan Kalyan

Music - Smaran Sai

Writers - Karthikeya Karedla and Prabhala Tilak

Production Designer - Ashok Narra

Costume Design & Styling - Sanjana Srinivas

Sound Designers - Sai Maneendhar Reddy and Nagarjuna Thallapalli

Co Producer - Krishnam Gadasu

Executive Producer - Karthikeya Karedla

Title Animation - Shakti Graphiste

Publicity Designs - Tarak Sai Prathik

Producers - Sridhar Reddy, Suhas

Director - Prabhala Tilak

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