Home » » Disney+ Hotstar releases the much-awaited trailer for 'Hansika's Love, Shaadi, Drama', releasing from February 10th onwards

Disney+ Hotstar releases the much-awaited trailer for 'Hansika's Love, Shaadi, Drama', releasing from February 10th onwards

Disney+ Hotstar releases the much-awaited trailer for 'Hansika's Love, Shaadi, 

Drama', releasing from February 10th onwards


~Get a glimpse into the wedding of the glamorous Hansika Motwani, in Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama, 

set to release from 10th February onwards exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar~

Mumbai, 6th February, 2023: Emotions, drama, celebrations and more. Hansika Motwani and Sohael 

Khaturiya's wedding had it all. The grand affair made headlines across the country, with fans waiting to 

get a glimpse of the festivities. Amongst soaring expectations and eager anticipation from Indian viewers, 

Disney+ Hotstar has now dropped the much-awaited trailer for ‘Hansika’s Love, Shaadi, Drama’, set to 

stream from February 10th onwards.

The teaser, which gave an enticing peek at what the show has in store for viewers, received an emphatic 

thumbs up from excited audiences who have been craving more ever since. The trailer takes us further on 

a journey behind the scenes of the stunning wedding, filled with spectacular festivities, heart-warming 

emotional moments and lots of drama.

The Hotstar Specials show 'Hansika's Love Shaadi Drama' will showcase everything that happened from 

the time actress Hansika Motwani announced her decision to tie the knot with Sohael Kathuriya, to an 

army of wedding planners, designers and the families’ race against time to pull off a fairy tale wedding in 

just six weeks at Jaipur’s Mundota Fort and Palace. The show will also give viewers an insight into how 

Hansika and her family address the scandal that surfaced prior to her wedding, which threatened to derail 

her dream day.

Actor Hansika Motwani opens up about her dream wedding, “Ever since I was a child, I had always dreamt 

of the perfect wedding. When Sohael and I got engaged, my entire family was overjoyed and I knew that 

my dreams were going to come true. We wanted to be able to relive every moment of the journey towards 

the big day, so we decided to film the whole thing. The wedding was held at Mundota Fort and Palace in 

Jaipur which has always been my dream venue. Much to my joy, it took six weeks to complete every aspect 

of my dream wedding! Who knew it was going to be such a rollercoaster? We laughed, we cried, and we 

fought, but ultimately, it was a fairytale. I want to share my happiness with the world and I'm so thankful 

that Disney+ Hotstar is giving me a platform to do just that!”

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