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Butta Bomma Movie Review


Check out the Review of Butta Bomma Starring Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das, Surya Vashistta, Navya Swamy Directed by Shouree Chandrashekhar T Ramesh produced by Suryadevara Nagavamsi and Sai Soujanya under Sitara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas Gopi Sunder and Sweekar Agasthi composed the music, and Vamshi Pachipulusu handled the cinematography. Ganesh Ravuri penned the dialogues and Navin Nooli edited the film


Butta Bomma is the story which starts with Satya (Anikha Surendran) and Murali (Surya Vasishta) one day Satya dials an wrong number by mistake it connects to Murali .even though its a wrong dial slowly conversations starts between them and decides to meet each other one day 

When she is on the way to meet Murali she loses her phone what happened after that ?

HowRK(Arjundas) comes in to story ? Forms the rest 


In this segment we must appreciate

Anikha Surendran, Surya Vasishta and Arjun Das who played Major roles in the film

As we all know Anikha Surendran  acted in many films as child artist now she made her debut as the heroine in the movie

She has done decent job her performance is good .looks wise she looked as Butta Bomma she has long way to go in Tfi

Surya Vasishta  has also made his debut he played an auto driver Role he has done terrific job He has shown good variation In terms of his performance

Arjun Das who worked in Tamil films as baddie and supporting roles made his

Telugu debut with this film he has done justice to his role 

Mirchi Kiran, Narra Srinivas ,chandana Karthik  Navya Swamy and rest of the cast has done as per the requirement 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values each and every Frame is so Rich. Vamsi Patchipulusu cinematography Is top notch Editor Naveen Nooli Editing is crisp and perfect. Ganesh Ravuri dialogues are good Gopi Sunder and Sweekar Agasthi music is good bgm is perfect .Director Shouree Chandrashekhar T Ramesh  has done good work his narration is engaging compare to first half second half is good 


On Whole Butta Bomma will be a Decent watch give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5 

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