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Bevelyn Bharrajj a fashion model is entering Telugu movies

 Bevelyn Bharrajj a fashion model is entering Telugu movies

Mumbai-born fashion model who is well-known. Bevelyn Bharrajj arrived in Hyderabad to try her luck as a Telugu movie actress. To showcase her abilities, she planned a meeting of journalists at Film Chamber. On this occasion, Bevelyn Bharrajj provided various answers to inquiries from journalists. I am a successful fashion model with a solid reputation. We are a Mumbai-based business family. We are in the solar energy sector. Ray Force Green Tech Pvt Ltd is a business that we manage. In this business, I serve as a director. Solar energy is produced by our business.

I became a fashion model and had some success. On a global scale, I rose in popularity. My parents now support me in acting in movies as well. I had training in acting, dancing, and combat. I adore watching movies. I frequently watch Telugu movies. Telugu cinema reached a national level thanks to films like Baahubali, Pushpa, and RRR. I was too busy modelling for fashion in Mumbai to get to Hyderabad. The moment has arrived. I wish to act in Telugu movies. I came to Hyderabad for that reason. I've spoken to a lot of producers and directors. Action heroine, heroine with a dark side, heroine... Any role you assign me, I'll play it with honour. Bevelyn Bharrajj declared, "I shall soon appear before the Telugu public with a good film.

Many of our family members and acquaintances are well-known in Bollywood movies. Numerous members of our family and acquaintances are well-known in the Bollywood film industry. However, I want to develop my career on my own without mentioning any of them by name. Because of this, Bevilin stated, "their names are not being mentioned."

This actress resembles a Hollywood leading lady.

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