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'Korameenu' will not disappoint anyone: Hero Anand Ravi at pre-release event

 'Korameenu' will not disappoint anyone: Hero Anand Ravi at pre-release event

'Korameenu', a raw and rustic film set in the backdrop of Jalaripeta, stars Anand Ravi, Harish Uthaman and Shatru in key roles. The film's pre-release event was held today. Presented by Mango Mass Media and produced by Pellakuru Samanya Reddy on Full Bottle Entertainments, it is coming with the caption 'Story of Egos' on December 31. The film's pre-release event was held today.

Team 'Korameenu' was at the pre-release event of 'Lucky Lakshman' (to be released on December 30) as guests. Anand Ravi and Kishori were there to wish the team. For today's 'Korameenu' event, Sohel, producer Haritha Gogineni, director Abhi, actor Shani were present as guests. The two teams supported each other.

Producer Samanya Reddy said, "The film has come out really well. The media's influence is of paramount importance. 'Korameenu' has been made with a different story. I also wish 'Lucky Lakshman' all the best."

Director Sripathy Karri said, "Please do watch our movie in theatres. I want to talk like an audience member now. This movie is a roller-coaster ride. The audience will turn promoters of the movie after they watch it."

Anand Ravi said, "I thank the 'Lucky Lakshman' team on this occasion. It is releasing on December 30. Our movie is coming out on December 31. Our film is not going to disappoint anyone."

Heroine Kishori said, "I have played a character named Meenakshi. I thank the director for giving me such a character. He and the producer completely trusted my abilities. I hope I have done full justice to the role. I thank Ravi for writing such a beautiful character."

Lucky Lakshman director Abhi said, "I am here at this event because of Ravi anna today. I watched his movie 'Prathinidhi' while in college. After 'Napolean', I met him for the first time. I have been wanting to work with him."

Lucky Lakshman producer Haritha Gogineni said, "I think 'Korameenu' is going to appeal to a wide section of the audience. I hope this movie and our movie 'Lucky Lakshman' both become hits."

Sohel said, "Cross promotions are very likable to me. Small films can earn collections only if 'word of mouth' is strong. I loved 'Prathinidhi' so much. I love the dialogue in it. 'Napolean' had a fresh concept. 'Korameenu' is the kind of film I would love to do someday. The trailer looks so promising. I hope 'Korameenu' and 'Lucky Lakshman' both become big hits."

Comedian Venu said that he is a big fan of Anand Ravi. He mentioned Ravi's previous movies and also said that 'Korameenu' is very engaging and gripping.

Writer Lakshmi Bhupala said that 'Prathinidhi' was supposed to be written by him and directed by Ravi first. "But something else happened. But Ravi's writing was so good that I might not have written it so well. Coming to 'Korameenu', the film seems promising. Kishori is a novel name. She looks like another Aparna Balamurali and Aishwarya Rajesh. I wish director Sripathy and others all the best."

Lyric writer Purnachari said that he has written four songs in the movie. "Korameenu is going to be a special movie. I have described the role of ego in a man's life. We have watched the movie and I can assure you that it's going to give you a bang for the buck. Fun, emotion and excitement are awesome," he added.

Lakshmi Priyanka said, "I have watched 'Korameenu'. It's very good. The audience are going to love it. Please watch it in theatres."

Actor Shatru said, "Everyone is egoistic. Our film tells the story of egos. Anand Ravi is a wonderful writer. The director Sripathy is very talented. This December 31, please watch our movie with your families."

Harish Uthaman lauded the film's cross promotions. "I was offered Meesala Raju character first. But I declined it. Karuna character was offered later. Ravi's writing is a big asset for 'Korameenu'," he added.

The film's cinematographer Karthik said that Korameenu's cinematography is metaphorical. Music director Siddharth Sadasivuni said, "I watched the movie while composing the background score. I didn't know when the movie was over. It was so thrilling."

Indu said that 'Korameenu' must be watched by one and all in theatres. Jabardasth Ram Prasad said that 'Napolean' is a film he loved a lot. "It's not an easy job to play a hero, direct a movie and also write it. Ravi garu did it. 'Korameenu', I hope, becomes a big hit," he added.

Raja Ravindra said that he has essayed a role he has never done before. "I thank Anand Ravi garu on this occasion. This is not a regular film," he added.

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