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Actress Tanishq Rajan-a bunch of talent with unique perspective

 Actress Tanishq Rajan-a bunch of talent with unique perspective 

Tanishq Rajan is Telugu actress whose cinema journey has been a really interesting ride for her! She started her career firstly on stage at the age of 4 where she performed many acting plays and dance performances all over India! Later when she shifted to Mumbai with her sister at the age of 12 then that’s how her career on screen began! 

Beginning with television,ads, and then finally in South Indian film industry!

She made her debut with “Sharnam Gachami” in 2017 and got appreciated for her performance and on screen appearance! She got noticed and bagged other films in Telugu like “Desamlo Dongal Paddaru”, “Ishtangaa”, “Bailampudi” ,”Commitment “ !

Her upcoming release is Nenevaru on 2nd December 2022 and currently she is working on a very interesting subject she said!

She is working for Hindi web shows n films too she added!

Recently one of her music video “Doh Log” went viral on YouTube!

She is also active on social media and people love her reels and posts she showcase!

Her perspective is quiete unique as she chooses to do the films which literally touches her heart and make her work harder towards the film!

Tanishq Rajan says it’s very difficult to make your place in industry where there’s a huge amount of choices for audiences to watch!

But if you work hard on yourself, do what your heart says and make a way for yourself with maintaining the dignity then nothing can stop you!

She says I am more a director’s actor and always follow his vision whenever I do a film ! Because I feel A film cannot be understood better than the director who is making it!

She says i wanna work harder because I still feel the journey didn’t begin yet! And need to gain all the love from audiences !

Tanishq loves dancing ,she is a trained classical dancer and music is her life she says! She loves singing and try to attempt it whenever she gets time ! 

She lives  a simple life and cannot compromise on what she actually wants in her life !

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