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'Oo Meri Jaan' Song from 'Lucky Lakshman' Movie unveiled by 'Karthikeya 2' maker Chandoo Mondeti

 'Oo Meri Jaan' Song from 'Lucky Lakshman' Movie unveiled by 'Karthikeya 2' maker Chandoo Mondeti

'Lucky Lakshman' is an out-and-out family entertainer telling the curious incidents in the life of a youngster who feels that he is unlucky although everyone around him says he is so lucky. The film features Bigg Boss fame Sohel and Mokksha as the lead pair.

On Saturday, the full version of the song 'Oo Meri Jaan' from the movie was unveiled by 'Karthikeya 2' maker Chandoo Mondeti.

Here is how its lyrics, penned by Bhaskarabhatla, go:

ఐయామ్ సో సారీ సారీ.. ఐయామ్ వెరీ సారీ సారీ..

నువ్వట్ల కన్నెర్ర జేసీ కోపంగా చూడకే నా బుజ్జి బంగారం

ఐయామ్ సో సారీ సారీ ఐయామ్ వెరీ సారీ సారీ

నన్నిట్ట తిప్పించుకుంటూ  తప్పించుకోకే క్షమించు ఓ సా..రి

చాలా.. రిక్వెస్ట్ గా అడుగు...తున్నా మాటాడవా..

బేబీ... హనెస్ట్ గా వేడుకున్నా.. శాంతించవా..

ఈ అలకలు, చిలకలు చిటికెలు  ఎగిరే  దారే.. లేదా

ఓ... మేరీ జాన్ మనసే నువ్వే కావాలన్నదే..

ఓ.. మేరీ జాన్ వెనకే నీతో వస్తూ.. ఉన్నదే..

ఓ.. మేరీ జాన్  నిన్నే.. వదిలి వదిలి ఉండ నన్నదే..  

The song is classy, and its concept is quite interesting. The hero is after the heroine to convey his feelings, much as the latter is reluctant to give him a chance. Sohel's simple dance moves are a big attraction. Anurag Kulkarni's rendition, Anup Rubens' composition, Vishal's dance choreography and the picturization are commendable. This one is clearly one more promising song from the talented Anup. After its promo, the full song is going to surely make waves.


Sohel, Mokksha, Devi Prasad, Raja Ravindra, Sameer, Kadambari Kiran, Shani Salmon, Sridevi Kumar, Ameen, Anurag, Master Roshan, Master Ayaan, Master Sameer, Master Karthikeya, Raccha Ravi, Jabardasth Karthik, Jabardasth Geethu Royal, Yadam Raju of 'Royal Comedy Stars' fame.


Producer: Haritha Gogineni, Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: AR Abhi, Music Director: Anup Rubens, DOP: I Andrew, Editor: Prawin Pudi, Lyricist: Bhaskarabatla, Choreographer: Vishal, Executive Producer: Vijayanand Ketha, PRO: Naidu–Phani

Publicity Designer: Dhani Aelay, Marketing Partner: Akhilesh (Ticket Factory), Casting Director: Over7 Productions

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