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Chandoo Mondeti Joins Pan-Indian Directors list


The South Indian film industry has started giving surprising Pan-India hits, especially after the pandemic. The regional film industry has revolutionised itself with great concepts attempted from pan-India to a world-level audience. 

While many high-budget Bollywood films recently tried hard at the box office, it was a low-budget Telugu film Karthikeya 2 that had a small and quiet release in Hindi which turned out to be the biggest success.

Karthikeya 2, came as sequels to 2014 Telugu film Karthikeya released in only 50 screens on day one but due to a positive word of mouth, it kept growing & has now collected over Rs 25 crore in Hindi. Above all, globally, the film has hit Rs 100 crore & has turned out to be a massive blockbuster.

As the film continues its golden run at the box office, its director Chandoo Mondeti has been touted as the new pan-India director by many.

And it seems, Bollywood too is queuing up for this rising director.

Above all, Marking the same, Rajamouli during a recent interview hailed Karthikeya 2 and compared it with magnum opus Baahubali, KGF2 and Pushpa. 

With such a statement from the ace director, Karthikeya 2 is more than box office success or pan-India recognition for Chandoo Mondeti. 

Also with Karthikeya 2, it is obvious that only the content is speaking in Pan-India. Even Bollywood stars like Aamir and Akshay are failing to bring the audience to theatres. But Karthikeya 2 has become a huge hit without any promotions and it's only because of all the hard-work and engaging narration done by Chandoo. This is proving how Nikhil and Chandoo Mondeti Occupied prominent places at Pan-India level.

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