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King Nagarjuna The Ghost’s Tamahagane Sword

King Nagarjuna, Praveen Sattaru, Sree Venkateshwara Cinemas LLP, Northstar Entertainment’s The Ghost’s Tamahagane Sword

Riding on the success of their last respective films, King Nagarjuna and creative director Praveen Sattaru are on a mission to offer a first of its kind movie watching experience to cine goers. Although The Ghost marks their first combination, it’s proving to be a crazy one, going by the posters, promo, The Killing Machine and other promotional stuff.

Director Praveen Sattaru who penned a novel concept is making The Ghost as an engaging action thriller, laced with emotions. Today, the team revealed the details of weapon used by The Ghost. It’s a Japanese Katana (sword) made of the rare and precious steel Tamahagane.

Katanas made of Tamahagane are very fatal. They are very sharp that, even rods and iron can be cut with the object. It’s the choice of weapon for The Ghost who himself makes it to take on the criminals. The poster that shows The Ghost and the Tamahagane Sword indicates a big update is coming on August 18th.

Nagarjuna will be seen as an Interpol officer named Vikram in the movie, where Sonal Chauhan will be seen as his colleague. Gul Panag and Anikha Surendran are the other prominent cast.

With blessings of Narayan Das Narang, Suniel Narang, along with Puskur Ram Mohan Rao, and Sharrath Marar is producing The Ghost on massive scale under Sree Venkateshwara Cinemas LLP and Northstar Entertainment Banners.

Mark K Robin is helming music department, wherein Mukesh G and Brahma Kadali are handling cinematography and art respectively. Dinesh Subbarayan and Kaecha supervised stunt sequences.

The highly anticipated flick which is done with its entire shoot will arrive in theatres on October 5th, for Dasara.

Cast: Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anikha Surendran and others.

Technical Crew:

Director: Praveen Sattaru

Producers: Narayan Das Narang, Puskur Ram Mohan Rao, Sharrath Marar

Banners: Sree Venkateshwara Cinemas LLP and Northstar Entertainment

Cinematography: Mukesh G.

Music: Mark K Robin

Action: Dinesh Subbarayan, Kaecha

Art Director: Brahma Kadali

Executive Producer: Venkateswara Rao Challagulla

PRO: Vamsi-Shekar, BA Raju 

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