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Arrtham' is the most special film in my career: Beautiful Heroine Shraddha Das at Teaser launch event

 'Arrtham' is the most special film in my career: Beautiful Heroine Shraddha Das at Teaser launch event

'Arrtham' is a psychological thriller starring child artist-turned-actor Mahendra of 'Devi' and 'Peda Rayudu' fame in a lead role. Featuring Shraddha Das as the other lead actor, the film also features Ajay, Amani, and Sahithi Avancha. Presented by Rithvik Vetsha and produced by Radhika Srinivas, its teaser was released today.

Beautiful Heroine Shraddha Das is playing a psychiatrist in the gripping psychological thriller. The film has been made in Tamil and Telugu and dubbed into Malayalam and Kannada. Its musical teaser, released recently, got a very good response. Tips Films and Music owns the film's music rights. The film is going to hit the screens in the last week of September.

Speaking on the occasion of its teaser launch today, Shraddha Das said, "This is my career's most important and special movie. A horror movie like this needs strong VFX. The cinematographer has shown the frames beautifully. The director and the producers came up with a superb subject. I have a glamorous psychiatrist's role in the movie. I am happy to have worked in a film that has got a beautiful concept."

Producer Srinivas said, "My previous film 'Natakam' received everyone's support. The director of this movie, Manikanth, has got vast VFX experience. We started this project during the covid pandemic. The thriller has got many gripping elements. Rakendu Mouli, who wrote 'Khaidi' in the Telugu version, has penned the dialogues and songs for our movie. Harshavadhan's tunes are superb. Art director Mani's work is amazing. Everyone on set was like family members. Ajay garu and Amani garu gave us dates despite their busy schedules. Suchitra Chandrabose garu is a nice choreographer. Three fight masters have worked on our movie."

Producer Radhika Srinivas said, "This film combines psychological thriller elements with entertainment. I hope this film becomes a big hit with everyone's blessings."

Co-producer Saideep said, "I have known producer Srinivas since 'Natakam'. 'Arrtham' has got a great concept."

Director Manikanth said, "My father, who is a cinema operator, is my biggest inspiration. 'Arrtham' is about safeguarding family values and women empowerment. Producer Radhika Srinivas has ensured top-notch production values. The cinematographer and the music director have given excellent output. The performances by all actors, the VFX department's work and other elements will be standout features."

Actor Master Mahendra said, "Many producers have churned out big hits with the right stories. 'Arrtham' is going to join the league of such rare films."


Mahendra, Shraddha Das, Ajay, Amani, Sahith Avancha, Nandan and others.


PRO: Naidu Surendra Kumar-Phani Kandukuri; Dialogues, Lyrics, dialogues: Rakendu Mouli; Dances: Suchitra Chandrabose; Cinematography: Pavan Chenna; Music Director: Harshavardhan Rameshwar; Associate Producers: Sri Saideep Chatla, Venkata Ramesh, Pawan Jani, Venkata Ramesh; Fights: Nandu, Anji, Diamond Producer: Radhika Srinivas; Writer, editor, director: Manikanth Thallaguti.

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