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Victory Venkatesh Interview About F3


F3 Will Have A Triple Dose Of Entertainment Than F2: Victory Venkatesh

Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej are coming together with F3. The movie releases on the 27th of this month and the hype around it is at the next level. Here are the excerpts of Venkatesh's interaction with Print and web media.

Director Anil Ravipudi says that you did F3 just like your first movie by putting aside your image and stardom. Tell us about it.

I work every movie like my first movie and put in same efforts. I never carry my stardom while doing comedy scenes. Only then, the natural flow come out. I followed the same for films like Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu, Nuvvu Naku Nachav, Mallishwari etc. I don’t think too much while enacting different scenes. Anil Ravipudi is also a very crazy person like me.

How was it doing an entertainer like F3, after Naarappa and Drushyam 2?

Narappa and Drushyam are both serious films released on OTT due to corona lockdown. It is a pleasure to have theatrical release again with F3. I become a crazy person, while doing comedy scenes. I’m naturally fun-going with everyone. Audiences also love to see me in entertaining roles. After a gap of two years, it is a pleasure to come up with a Big Entertainer like F3. It will give additional kick while watching such entertainers with family and friends. F2 was a big hit. The audience loved the movie and the characters. They definitely want more entertainment this time from F3. The film F3 has a triple dose of entertainment and does not fall short of the audience's expectations.

You look so much energetic in F3 than in F2. What is the secret?

Script is the major reason. I will try to give a double dose to a given script, but do not plan anything extra. It comes as spontaneous.

F3 is a story revolving around money. What do you say about it?

Making quick money, dreaming big, and creating opportunities are natural human traits. Everyone has that greed but lots of problems arise, if we look for shortcuts. We will learn a lot of lessons and we need to change with those lessons.

How was it working with director Anil Ravipudi?

Anil Ravipudi is a very simple person who tries to take the best from the cast. F3 is very wonderfully written. His dialogues are very natural. Because of this, the acting also feels natural. Anil is very energetic. I know Anil from the days of Masala movie for which he was the writer. Anil has excellent comedy timing. He has the clarity of what he wants.

How close is the F3 character to your real life?

It is the complete opposite (laughs).

Do you have a guide to your comedy?

I usually observe people around me. When traveling and when meeting people, I observe their expressions and body language. And there are lots of great comedians. I learn something from everyone.

Do you add spontaneity even in dialogs and improvise them on the spot?

Every dialogue has to be improvised. Sometimes a kind of fun arises in the voice itself. It gets funny with what some people say. Allu Ramalingaiah laughs with a typical voice. Also, actors like Johnny Lever impress with their voices.

How’s it working with Varun Tej?

The audience really enjoyed our combination in F2. Varun Tej's role in F3 is very good and he has done it wonderfully. It’s a great journey with Varun.

What is your take over money?

Everyone wants money. For that everyone has to work hard in the right way. This nature gives us what we need. Make use of whatever is available properly and live happily.

How different is F3 from F2?

More fun was added in F3. Many actors have been added. The film is made very lavish production values. There is so much humor from the beginning itself. F3 has more fun than F2.

This is the third film with Dil Raju. How was it working with him?

I knew Dil Raju since a long time. I noticed spark in him during 'Preminchukundam Ra'. He analyzes every film very well. There is a lot of passion in him for movies and he does a lot of hard work. If you work hard, you will achieve many successes. I wish him more success.

Was it horrible to shoot during the pandemic? 

It seemed very difficult. We had tough time shoot, during the covid. So, by the grace of God, I am Covirgin (Laughs). The corona has not infected me yet.

What are your increased responsibilities in F3?

Audiences expect entertainment beyond F2. The big responsibility is to provide more laughs. So, we have successfully fulfilled that responsibility. F3 will be hilarious.

Tell us about Devi Sri Prasad's music?

Devi Sri Prasad gave wonderful music. There are good dance numbers. Also, Sai Sriram's DOP is wonderful. The cast and crew of F3 all did well.

Are there any new Aasan like the Venky Aasan in F3?

I have combination scenes with everyone in the movie. Venky Aasan has become very popular in F2. I was surprised to see children doing it. You need to watch the movie to know more about my character.

Is there any frustration in your real life?

No. I follow the time well. I get little annoyed if someone is not punctual (laughs).

What about your next movies?

I will be doing films for Sitara Entertainments and Mythri Movie Makers.

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