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Director Parasuram Interview About Sarkaru Vaari Paata

SVP Is An Out And Out Commercial Entertainer, Mahesh Babu's Character Will Be Next Level: Director Parasuram

Director Parasuram is the talk of Telugu film industry after the excellent cut of Superstar Mahesh Babu's Sarkaru Vaari Paata theatrical trailer. He has presented Superstar just like how the fans and masses want to see him. The director has interacted with media ahead of the movie release on May 12th. Here are the excerpts of the conversation.

When did the idea of Sarkaru Vaari Paata come?

The idea of Sarkaru Vaari Paata had come while Geetha Govindam was in production. After the release of Geetha Govindam, I worked on this script with Mahesh Babu in mind.

Mahesh Babu has been in a different zone lately. You brought him into a different zone. How did you come up with this character idea?

The main reason for the project to happen is that Mahesh liked the character design as much as the story.

The trailer gave an impression that the film will be a full-fledged commercial entertainer ?

Yes, the movie is an Out and Out Commercial Entertainer. Mahesh Babu's looks, presentation will be at the next level. Even if there is a hit like Geetha Govindam for a medium range director, some may have a question as to how superstar Mahesh Babu had given a chance but everyone will be happy after seeing the film.

The dialogues in the trailer are excellent.

The dialogues reflect the essence of the story. A story that takes place between the people of two different mind sets.

Will Mahesh Babu be seen as a Bank Employee? Is there a link to the Vijay Malya's story?

It involves a bank topic but Mahesh Babu is not a bank employee. Also this story is not about a person but questioning the system. A story written with good intentions. It's a fun story to tell. 

For the first time Mahesh Babu is seen using double meaning dialogues

Mahesh Babu liked the way I imagined him in this story. Character behavior in the story is like that.

How is the love track going to be?

It Would be awesome, lovely and lively. Keerthy Suresh has the strongest character in this. It is very crucial in the story.

Keerthy Suresh is not doing commercial films these days What is the reason of casting her in Sarkaru Vaari Paata?

The story is finalized before the lockdown. I had no options for the role, other than Keerthy. After watching the movie, everyone will understand why we got Keerthy as a heroine. Her looks are awesome. After watching the movie, Keerthy will be talked about as much as Mahesh Babu.

What is the role of Samuthirakani?

Samuthirakani's character is fantastic. He gave an excellent performance. His role in the film is going to be an asset.

Did you follow any pattern for the songs in the film?

I do not follow any pattern. I need strong situation and lead to place a song. I am also very particular about the tune and the lyrics. Sarkaru Vaari Paata had wonderful moments for the songs. The song comes where it is needed. All the songs are going to be awesome.

Why did you leave Gopi Sundar even after he gave a chartbuster album like Geetha Govindam?

Gopi Sundar was very busy when I wanted him for the film. Nearly eight projects were in his hands. I had no other option. Gopi Sundar always has a special place in my heart.

Mahesh Babu makes it a point to have a message in his films in recent times. Will SVP also have?

There will be no message but there will be purpose. The film manages to entertain as a whole lighter, fulfilling a wonderful purpose at the end. Every viewer should be connected to this point.

Did you first tell the story to Allu Arjun?

No. I wrote this story for Mahesh Babu. By the grace of God he accepted to do it. My dream is to do a movie with Super Mahesh Babu. Sarkaru Vaari Paata fulfilled that dream. 

What is the confidence Geetha Govindham gave you as a director?

Geetha Govindam gave me a huge confidence as a director. It made me believe that I can make a ₹ 150 Crore film. It changed my thought process

What about the dances in the film?

Mahesh Babu's dances will thrill the fans. The dances will be excellent

'Nenu Vinnanu... Nenu Unnanu' dialogue .. Inspired by former Chief Minister Rajasekhar Reddy?

I’m a fan of late YSR garu. YS Jagan garu continuing his legacy. ‘Nenu Vinnanu Nenu Vunnanu’ is a perfect line that is so apt for the specific scene in our film. I told the dialogue to Mahesh in the first sitting itself, he has no problems because there is no political connect to the story.

Your inspiration for the dialogues?

My teacher Puri Jagannadh and Trivikram garu.

Puri has done two films with Mahesh Babu. Did you get any inputs?

I told him that I was doing a movie with Mahesh. He said All the best. He called me after seeing the trailer. Puri liked the dialogue 'This is Mahesh reporting from Chepalapuda Beach Sir'.

Is the Censor complete?

It is done. There are no cuts. Length is perfect. Length will not be an issue for those from Puri School.

How did it feel to work with Thaman?

Thaman gave the chartbuster album. All the songs came out awesome. Thaman worked in unique style for Sarkaru Vaari Paata songs.

Will Mahesh Babu's daughter Sitara be there in the film?

No. She is there only in the Promotional Song. Having her in the song is Thaman's Idea. Mahesh Babu okayed it.

Why not Sarkaru Vaari Paata as a Pan-India film?

Neither Mahesh nor I have that idea. We envisoned this film with our sensibilities. But the Telugu version goes everywhere.

What movie are you doing next?

Mynext movie will be produced by 14 Reels with Naga Chaitanya as the hero.

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