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'Nathicharami' to release on a record-setting 20 OTT platforms on March 10

 'Nathicharami' to release on a record-setting 20 OTT platforms on March 10

Arvind Krishna, Poonam Kaur and Sandesh Buri are the lead actors in Nagu Gavara-directed 'Nathicharami'. Presented by Shrilaxmi Enterprises, the film is produced by A Studio 24 Frames' Jai Vaishnavi K. The trailer for the movie was released recently and it has been garnering a superb response.

After completing all formalities, the film is slated to be released on 20 platforms on March 10. Amazon Prime Video, Hungama, Sony, Tata Sky, Airtel Xtreme, MX Player and others are the ones. Today, the team of the film interacted with the media to talk about their movie and the big release.

Actress Poonam Kaur said, "If a man casts his evil eye on a woman, he is a devil. The stories of Sita Devi, Draupadi and Durga Devi tell us the same. They were all fighters who faced massive challenges. Coming to 'Nathicharami', the director narrated the story to me when I was in Chennai. I liked the script because I could relate to its ingredients. It's close to my life. In 2007, I wanted to get married and settle down abroad. But cinema became my life. Middle-class women come with a lot of dreams. But not everyone is lucky to realize them. Despite the setbacks, they should be undeterred. They must march ahead with a fighting spirit. 'Nathicharami' is a crime-based family drama. It taps into the emotions between a married couple. I thank the director and producers for selecting me. I am confident that all sections of audiences will like the movie."

EastWest Entertainers Rajeev T said, "We are going to release the movie on March 10 on 20 OTT platforms. Everyone has given a superb performance. I thank the makers of 'Nathicharami' for reposing faith in EastWest Entertainers. These days, the viewers are lapping up suspense thrillers in a big way. I hope this film, too, becomes a big hit."

Director Nagu Gavara started his address by wishing all women a Happy Women's Day. He made a mention of the lead actors and praised their talents. "This is a film with strong situations, meaningful dialogues and amazing performances. Back at the turn of the century, the trend of many Indians migrating to the US for greener pastures started in a big way. Our movie is about what a family had to go through because of the Y2K crisis. This is a family drama with crime at its centre. The script is based on true incidents. With an able actor, you can empower any story. I could only think of Poonam Kaur when I wrote Sreelatha, the character. She has essayed a variety of roles in her career. She is a hard-working actress. Everyone is going to love the content of our movie. Poonam Kaur's character will haunt you. Arvind Krishna has played a man named Prabhakar. His performance is subtle. This movie is going to bring him so much recognition. Please do watch 'Nathicharami' on March 10 on OTT platforms," he added.

Actor Arvind Krishna said, "This is going to go down as a very special film in my career. It's rare for you to get to play a character that can endear you to the family audience. The title means 'promise'. It's about a couple's promise. Will they uphold the promise? What do they endure in the process? What consequences do they face? 'Nathicharami' is a pack of neatly-etched scenes. Nagu Gavara has guided me for long. The viewers will surely relate to the movie. Poonam Kaur has worked really hard."

Actor Sandesh Buri said, "The director has etched my character neatly. 'Nathicharami' is going to be a milestone in my career. It was nice working with my co-stars Arvind and Poonam. The amazing performances and thrilling elements are going to arrest you. The title is powerful and is apt for the story. Middle-class women face a lot of problems, ranging from emotional, physical, psychological and situational. There is an enemy in all of these. The enemy could be a person, money or something else. It's hard to stick to one's principles in the face of adversity. Our film brings out these conflicts in human lives. We urge the viewers to please watch our film on OTT."

Jayasri Rachakonda said, "This is a women-centric movie that is rich in content. We are confident about scoring a hit."

Cast and crew:

Arvind Krishna, Poonam Kaur, Sandesh Buri, Kavitha, Madhavi, Jayasri Rachakonda, Krishna, and Sathanna have main roles.

PRO: Surendra Kumar Naidu-Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media); Editor: Vinod Advay; Line Producer: K Mallik; Cinematographer: Mahi Sherla; Story, screenplay, dialogues: A Studios 24 Frames; Producer: Jai Vaishnavi K; Screenplay, direction: Nagu Gavara.

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