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Bhagath Singh Nagar Movie Review

Bhagat Singh Nagar Movie Review 

Cast - Vidarth, Dhruvika, Banerjee, Ravi Prakash, Munichandra, Ajay Gosh, Prabhavati etc.

Technicians - Music - Prabhakar Dammugari, Cinematography - Rajesh Peter, Kalyan Sami, Editing - Zian Srikanth, Producers - valaja Gauri, Ramesh Udattu, Writing Direction -valaja Kranti

The boundaries of evil in society are out of control. The systems that are supposed to protect this society are not taking care Bhagat Singh Nagar is the story of these  situations 


This is the story of Bhagat Singh Nagar which is in a slum  Srinu (Vidarth) Chandraya (Muni Chandra), a grandfather who likes to have fun with friends

srinu  likes Lakshmi (Druvika), a girl who grows up in his colony . Lakshmi also loves Srinu. Srinu works with friends including Chandraya and tries to stop any clashes in the colony 

Suddenly some girls are kidnapped in Bhagat Singh Nagar. Chandraya finds out what is happening who are kidnapping girls. But  he does not tell anyone. On the other side Both the families agree to Srinu Lakshmi's marriage and Lakshmi is murdered by some at the time of the marriage.  young man who is making documentaries on the case, starts fighting against  the police  to get the reason for shutting down the case  . What has MLA Rao (Ajay Ghosh) got to do with the atrocities against innocents?  how the murderers of Srinu and Lakshmi be punished is The rest of  the story 

Bhagat Singh Nagar movie titles show photos of patriots and heroes who fought against injustice. Director valaja Kranti  provoked the idea that someone had to step forward to change society. The same inspiration comes from seeing Srinu turn against the injustices taking place in Bhagat Singh Nagar. Srinu gives up drinking so that change can come in him before

Vidarth played different roles in the two characters Srinu and Bhagat. Vidarth, who looked natural as Sreenu as a slum boy ... turned into a city boy as a documentary maker. In the unique roles of Lakshmi, Dhruvika also impresses with her traditional and modern acting. Ajay Ghosh did a natural performance as a politician in the MLA CVR character. Ravi Kale did well. Banerjee's SI character makes the audience angry. All these characters came out  naturally as the story that takes place before us.

The technicians did their part to support this good story based film. Bhagat Singh Nagar film is of good quality in cinematography, music and editing. Great India Media House production Values ​​are  rich . The song 'Charita Chupani' is impressive along with the duets between the hero and heroines in the first half and second half. Producers valaja Gauri and Ramesh  are to be appreciated for making such a good message film. Director valaja Kranti gets good appreciation from audience 


On whole Bhagat Singh Nagar is a decent film with good message  .

Rating 3.25 / 5

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