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Rave Na Chelia Movie Review

 Rave Na Chelia Movie Review 

Cast: Nemali Anil, Subhangi Pant, Viraj, Senior Actress Kavitha, Raghu Karumanchi, Rachcha Ravi etc.

Camera: Vijay Tagore,

Dialogues: Malleshwar Bugga,

Editor: Ravi Manla,

Music: MM Kumar,

Art: Narayana,

Producer: Nemali Anil

Story-Direction: Maheshwara Reddy

Release Date: August 13 

As we all know due to Pandemic Theaters are closed and opening slowly 

  after Corona Second Wave. The movie 'Rave Na Chelia' starring Nemali Anil, Subhangipant and Viraj  has hit the theaters today (August 13). It  a love story movie  did this love story  impress the audience? What is the original love story? Let us know 


Gagan (Nemali  Anil) is a director who makes faction films which doesn't worked for him then he changes the route towards  love stories 

In search of the love story he falls in love with a girl named Raji (Subhangipant). But she had a love story in past 

Gagan starts filming the love story with her as the heroine. 

How did the love story of Raji and Sagar (Viraj) started , did it  went on till marriage? How close were Gagan and Raji during the filming?  Who will get the compromise in the end? Forms the rest of the story 


Even though its a First film  for hero Anil .. he got good marks in acting. Although he was introduced as the director of Faction Films, he showed a settled acting that the director should have .He has good   dialogue delivery  Dances and fights are okay   heroine Subhangipanth got a good role. As a village girl, as a heroine in a movie she has given her best 

Viraj, who played the second hero also good  While the role of senior actress Anita  Rachcharavi, Ramu and Raghu are good  

Technical performance:

Songs and  background score  are good. MM Kumar's music is the main attraction of the film. Also the cinematography is great. Cameraman Vijay captured the beauty of the village nicely. The entire film was shot in a rural setting. Editing is okay  

Director Maheshwara Reddy  tried his best even though its his first film he has done decent Job  

production values ​are good . this film does not seem to be a small film quality wise . 

On whole Its a good love story with message 

Rating 3.25/5 

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