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RamAlladi to Direct Sanskrit movie titled Nabhamsi

Award winning film maker Ram alladi to direct a sanskrit movie "Nabhamsi"

Award winning director Ram Alladi and the makers of Ra’s Metanoia are again to team up to present “Nabhamsi”, a feature length film set a millennium back into India’s rich and astonishing history. “Nabhamsi” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Skies” in english.

New York based Indian film maker Ram Alladi has previously won plaudits for his documentary, Chiselled, and has more recently released (November 2020) the exceptionally well received Ra’s Metanoia, a celebration of the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, filmed entirely on digital sets, depicting a range of eras and locations central to Gandhi’s life.      

As a director this is His 3rd project. “Nabhamsi” is the story of one man’s journey, over the course of a lifetime, to identify the source of one of his first and most primal memories. “Nabhamsi”  is a live action romance, unique for being written and performed in one of the subcontinent's most ancient languages, Sanskrit. 

The preproduction work took 5-6 months and film is all set to hit the sets on international women's day 8th March, The 75% of shoot is planned in the US and rest 25% in India. 

The story is accompanied by English open captions and closed captions in many other languages. 

Alongside the literature, “Nabhamsi” s themes will be explored and accentuated through the use of several forgotten Indian dance art forms to narrate the story, all illustrated with a rich palette of vivid colors which reflect the vibrancy and energy of both the period and the culture of India over one thousand years ago.

"Kannada director GV iyer directed first sanskrit movie "Aadhi Sankaracharya" followed by "Bhagavadgita" Audience appreciated them, that inspired me for "Nabhamsi" I learnt sanskrit for this dedicatedly more details will be announced soon and film is planned to be released in 2022" Says Ram alladi (director) 

Dialogues: saritha Navaali, Madhu Guntupalli, editor:Rakesh Challa, Cinematography:Ram alladi -satish rontala, Music: bharadwaj V. Komaragiri, production house:AR it works, screenplay-direction: Ram Alladi

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