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Hero character from FCUK is Unlocked

 Unlocking the Hero character from FCUK, little cranky in between MrKarthiKKG as KAARTHIK.

More to be unveiled from this chatterbox soon!

FCUK Movie is continuing to create ripples with its unique posters and taglines. After much suspense today the production house Sri Ranjit Movies has finally released a poster showing the Hero Ram Karthik. The handsome hunk look is creating a look is creating a lot chatter but more is is the tagline ‘#Kaarthik… #Little #Cranky #Inbetween’. It is keeping the fans guessing and all are keen to know more about the character. It is only assumed that we will know more about Kaarthiks character in upcoming posters or trailers. As of now we only know that its a super romantic character with super cool looks. Sri Ranjit Movies which has delivered numerous superheats has always come up with unique and different movies but FCUK appears to be more unique and different then all of them.

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