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Sukumar In DSP’s Direction!

Sukumar In DSP’s Direction!

Surprised? Well, trust Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad to spring a surprise every single time, be it his films or live shows. Music director Devi Sri Prasad and filmmaker Sukumar are not only thick friends but also, the duo have churned out quite a few musical blockbusters over the years. Right from Arya to their recent mega blockbuster Rangasthalam, their journey has been quite memorable to say the least, and the two stalwarts have stood by each other through thick and thin. 

For the past few years, there has been speculation that Devi Sri Prasad could make his acting debut and that Sukumar is going to direct the film. And every time the two tried to make it happen, they got busy with other films in their respective careers. Now, it turns out that destiny did have other plans for them to make their longtime dream come true. All these days, it was widely believed that Sukumar is going to direct DSP; however, in a stunning new development, the tables were turned when Devi Sri Prasad wielded the megaphone, while Sukumar faced the camera. Yes! DSP has directed a short video, featuring Sukumar, which is in fact, a promo for his upcoming musical tour to the US. 

Samantha is going to unveil the teaser of DSP’s upcoming US concert tour tomorrow evening (July 7) at 6 PM. Incidentally, it’s been 100 days since Rangasthalam released and Rangamma Mangamma, a duet featuring Ram Charan and Samantha, became a sensation this summer.  

Whether it’s his films or his concerts, DSP has always come up with some out-of-the-box ideas to promote his shows. Now, he is all set to surprise everyone with his upcoming US Concert’s promo featuring Sukumar. Last year, he toured Australia and New Zealand for several weeks to perform live in few cities. And this year, he’s all set to begin his US concert tour from August 11 in Seattle, before heading to Chicago on August 18, Detroit on August 25, Dallas on September 1, and New Jersey on September 8. The month long concert tour will come to an end on San Jose with DSP’s enthralling performance in San Jose on September 16. Get ready for some fun and frolic, as DSP sets his fans grooving with his thumping beats and dazzling stage performances.

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