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Sanjeevani Movie review

 Check out the review of Sanjeevani Movie review starring Anurag Dev, Manoj Chandra, Tanuja Naidu, Swetaa Varma and others directed by Ravi Vide produced by G Nivas

Sanjeevini is the story based on the adventures of the group of people who starts their journey to discover some interesting things at mountains which are undiscovered what are those interesting things ? how they find them ? how they starts and end their journey forms the remaining story .

In this segment we appreciate all the new comers Anurag Dev, Manoj Chandra, Tanuja Naidu, Swetha Varma for doing fantastic job they has done decent debut with this film . other than these actors remaining team also has done as per the requirements 

Technical Aspects 
In this segment we appreciate CG Work which has came very well . Producers production values are good . Visuals are good . Editing is okay . Director tried his best his concept and narration is good . Cinematography is neat . Another plus point of the film is its run time movies is simple and crisp Director has showcased Lord Hanuman’s scenes in climax very well .Music by KK Sravan is good 

On whole  Sanjeevani is okay to watch this weekend .people who do adventures trips will like this film. 

Telugucinemas.in rating: 3/5

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