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Mr. Homanand Movie Review

Check out the review of Homananda movie review starring homanand
pavani,priyanka sharma directed by jai ram kumar produced by om theertha makers Bhole Shavali composed music 

This is the story of the person(homanand) who does not wants to spend money and do will be ready to do any thing for money .but he has one dream what is that dream how he fulfill it ? what happens to him after that  forms the remaining story 


Hero Homanand has done decent debut his performance is so matured he has done perfect justification to his role specially his dialogue delivery ,dance ,fights are good surely he has long way to go in Telugucinema industry . Pavani has done perfect justification to her role she looks so beautiful on screen . her chemistry with Homanand worked well. Priyanka Sharma role is short but its good she has done decent job  ,Raghu Karumanchi team scenes are good ,Prabhakar has done terrific job a villain ,Suman ,Gundu Hanumathrao and rest of the cast has done as per the requirements 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate production values of om theertha makers director tried his best to entertain audience  Dialogues are good . Bhole Shavali Music is okay few songs are good background score is neat.Editing can be little better.Cinematography is neat . 

On whole Mr Homanand is an Entertaining film .horror elements can be done in better way.Climax can be better .give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5

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