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Star Maa announces Nani as the Host for Bigg Boss 2

 Natural Star Nani to debut as a TV host for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2
 Bigg Boss Season 2 Host reveal promo film to be released today on Star Maa
Hyderabad, May 18, 2018: After a blockbuster success of Bigg Boss Season 1, Star Maa is all set to
launch Season 2 with ‘Natural Star’ Nani as the host. The channel is currently at the top in
viewership and is all set to take it higher with Bigg Boss season 2.
Alok Jain, Business Head of Star Maa Network quoted “We are extremely thankful to our viewers for
stupendous response to Bigg Boss Season 1 and all our subsequent new shows. We are excited to
announce Nani as the host for Bigg Boss Season 2. With his ability to connect with audiences across all
age segments, we look forward to this season being more exciting.”
Since the launch of season 2 call for entry promos for common people, the show has been generating a
lot of buzz, curiosity and expectations. The show is unique with no script and the traditional word “cut”.
The season 2 is going to be longer with more than 100 days compared to 70 days in last season. About
16 housemates will be locked inside a house completely cut off from the outside world , under the
watchful gaze of 70 cameras that never stop rolling and millions of viewers will see housemates forge
new relationships and maybe lose a few inside the house.
Actor Nani while sharing his excitement of hosting Bigg Boss 2 said, “Television is one of the most
powerful mediums of entertainment and to come on it with a magnum opus like Bigg Boss is thrilling. I
started my journey as a common man and have always experimented with distinct roles to entertain
people. Looking forward to host Bigg Boss2.”
Like the promo says this season promises to be a lot more masala and excitement … Yedeina Jaragachu
(Anything can Happen)
Star Maa is a part of Star TV network, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global media company 21st
Century Fox. Star Maa is a leading Telugu TV channel network known for its vibrant, innovative,
pleasant and interactive programming in the Telugu language market and enjoys a strong growth
trajectory, driven by general entertainment and movies. Star Maa Network has a bouquet of six
channels—Star Maa, Star MaaHD, Star Maa Music, Star Maa Movies, and Star Maa Gold

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