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Mehbooba Movie Review

 Check out the Review of Mehbooba Movie starring Akash Puri, Neha Shetty Directed and produced by Puri Jagannadh under Puri Connects banner . Sandeep Chowtha composed music for Bhaskarabhatla Lyrics .

Mehbooba is the film based on the love story during India-Pakistan war 1971 Roshan (Akash Puri) is a guy who frequently gets the dreams about the past life like some one killed him in that life he will be trying to figure out those days how he knows his past life ?  really is  there any past life for Roshan ?what is the  past life of roshan forms the remaining story 

Plus Points
Production Values 
Akash Puri -Neha Shetty Performances 
Sandeep Chowta Music


Few Predictable scenes 

In this segment we must appreciate Aaksh puri for his performance he has done fantastic job surely he has long way to go in tollywood his dialogue delivery is simply super he has done the role with good ease his body language is fine   Debutante Neha Shetty has done decent job Vishu Reddy is okay Sayaji Shinde has done proper justification to his role Murali Sharma has done decent job  All other actors has done well in their characters as per the requirement 

Technical Aspects 
In this segment we must appreciate Producers for their high Production Values . Cinematography is neat Editing can be better .Sandeep Chowta has given haunting music his background score has elivated many scenes movie . Art work is good .Coming to director Puri Jagannadh he has done terrific job his narration and story is good except little drag in second half every thing is fine we can say Puri is back with a bang dialogues are good.VFX  work is simply super on whole technically this film is perfect .


On the whole Mehbooba is a decent film with good story except little drag in second half everything is fine Puri scored a decent hit again watch and enjoy the film this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5 

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