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Keerthy Suresh Mahanati Interview

Keerthy Suresh who is rocking in Multi Languages has Shared her happiness and experiences   on the occasion of Her Latest film Mahanati (SAVITHRI) Which is scheduled to Release on May  9TH

Mahanati is the film based on the life of the legendary yesteryear actress Savitri 

As we all know Mahanati Savithri Life is an open book it's so difficult to play the role of here Keerthy has taken daring step by playing her role . Nag ashwin is directing the film

Keerthy Suresh About Mahanati
Mahanati is the very special movie usually i will spend three or four months for any other movie but for Mahanati i have spent nearly 10 months for shooting and one month for Dubbing Mahanati is my closest film 

About Nag Ashwin
Nagi Liked my performance in Rail film and he has selected me for the film i am shocked by hearing this I have heard Many names before for the title role But  i am the the first choice of Nag Ashwin initially ihave not taken it seriously   after the full narration i have seen my face in mirror and questioned myself in which angel i will be looking like Savithri garu .. after checking few looks of mine i have said okay to the film . 

About  Role 
In this film most of the scenes  i will be in sarees i felt very happy while doing this role we have tried new looks in the film  i use to do 4-5 times dress change we tried to recreate few famous scenes of savithri garu which are very important in the film  to engage audience  we made scenes in crisp way audience will  like those scenes   

What are the Major challenges you faced for  the film ?

I have faced two Major Challenges one is Will I be able to appear on the screen as the original Savitri? 

2) Can I do justice to her role . As i said  very difficult to act like savitri garu but i tried my best after doing photoshoots and Two days of shooting i felt tension free and made the film very smoothly i am sure that i may have acted according to the scale but audience will decide whether it is true or not on wednesday 

What Research you have done for this role ?

After Signing the film i tried a lot to know about savitri garu through various platforms i have got some information after that i have met Savitri garu son and daughter they have sent me  some personal details of Savitri garu surprisingly Many of those things match my personal character.For example I like swimming and cricket alot even . Savitri  garu also like the same things after knowing that my respect and love on her got doubled. savitri garu is the most sincere actress she likes race cars while acting in the films she is very jovial and humorous person she has good and healthy friendship with co actors 

About Dulquar salman
Dulquar is very happy to know that he is playing Gemini Ganesan in this movie I know him from my childhood We have been friends from ever since. But there is not one film together This is the first time we have played together. Dulquar was perfect for his character   Audience will feel the same after watching the film . 

What kind of Roles you will be choosing after this film?
Savitri film made me so responsible so far i have done few films some has good roles some are okay from now i will choose roles selectively  i will ensure that my roles will not be only permitted for few scenes and songs  

About Dubbing for the role ?
To dub in perfect telugu in a clear manner is bit difficult i came to know this about doing dubbing for Mahanati  many people helped me in the dubbing Mainly srinivas garu helped me alot in finishing it He has been very helpful to me in dubbing stage 

Mahanati Experiences 
I have learnt lot of things from the senior actors like Mohan babu garu in my childhood i have taken autograph from him after seeing that autograph he was amazed   its privilege and honour to work with those actors 
with that we have wrapped our interview with Keerthy Suresh Telugucinemas.in wishing Mahanati team a very good luck . 

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