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Producer Rammohan Rao Ippili Happy about inthalo ennenni vinthalo

The first hit in the Hari Hara Film Banner was supporting our media friends .... Producer Rammohan Rao Ippili

inthalo ennenni vinthalo movie has stepped into 2nd week in the harihara chalana chitra banner which is released on april 6th.
This movie is getting huge response i both andhra pradesh and telangana. Producer Rammohan Rao was inaugurated the press meet on this occasion.

On this occasion Producer Ram Mohan Rao Ippili said that....

team "inthalo ennenni vinthalo" enjoying the film success only beacause of our media friends.
All of our media friends came for the premier show and given their best wishes,senior journalist Pasupuleti Rama Rao Garu sawn our film and
given his best wishes.The blessings of the elders like the Pasupuleti Rama Rao Garu are always supposed to be our unit.
we have passion in movies so we produced the film,As this movie became a big hit we are so happy.
we have done good movie so that we had a support from media,friends and audience with a positive response we are so happy for that.
Our movie is increasing theaters day by day.we want to share our happiness with our media and as soon as possible "inthalo ennenni vinthalo"
grand success meet will be held.And in hari hara chalana chitra banner 2nd movie will be announced as soon as possible.
presently enjoying the success of Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo

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