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Social stand against regional discrimination

Celebrity Stylist Shravya Varma took to her Instagram yesterday lashing out on a few designers who she did not name . But the other wise cool and funny stylist accused the unnamed designers that they show a lot of bias to the “South Indian industry” . 
She went on to write that they are wearing horse blinders and they need to open up their eyes and see the potential of the market that Hyderabad
has to offer . As much as we are very proud to see that the young lady is defending her city proudly , we can’t help but wonder who are these people she is referring to . She highlighted the discrimination that is shown towards the “South Indians” and took a strong stand against normalising this bias towards the south . She also suggested that they should not sell to South Indians if they are not interested in being associated with south celebs . Further she strongly stated that it was a waste of their education . It’s unclear if the brand apologised . But we are with the hot blooded lady who we suspect is taking her uncle Mr.Ram Gopal Varma's route of expression , the social media .

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