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Keeravani releases 'Aithe 2.0' song

Keeravani releases 'Aithe 2.0' song, 'Ningi Pai'The song 'Ningi Pai' from 'Aithe 2.0' was recently released on the hands of MM Keeravani.  Music director Kalyani Malik also graced the occasion.  The film's director, Raj Madiraju, and his team, expressed their happiness.

Keeravani said, "I have listened to the song and it's quite new.  Arun Chiluveru is a contemporary talent.  He is very good at melodious music.  I have known him as an excellent guitarist.  I am sure he will go big. The lyrics are also quite inspiring.  I liked lines such as  'Ashaga aashake aayuve penchaga'.  The singer (Naresh Iyer) has also done great.  I wish the entire team all the best.  I hope the other two songs are also equally inspiring."

Kalyan Malik said, "It was I who composed the music for 'Aithe'.  It had only one song, which was sung by Annayya (Keeravani).  As such, it feels special to release the first song of 'Aithe 2.0' along with him.  'Ningi Pai' is refreshing.  Arun had worked with me as a guitarist.  It was always cool to work with him.  I hope this film will be as popular as 'Aithe' was."

Singer Naresh Iyer said, "It's a wonderful song that you can sing along casually.  KIttu Vissapragada's lyrics are motivating.  I hope you guys will enjoy it."

Arun Chiluveru said, "I am so blessed that my song has been released by Keeravani sir.  I should really thank Raj Madiraju sir for finding me.  I am glad 'Ningi Pai' has been rendered by Naresh Iyer, my favourite singer.  Kittu, the lyricist, is also my close friend."

Director Raj Madiraju said, "Our film has got three songs in total.  They come at three different stages in the lives of the protagonists.  Each of them is themed around three different things: Hunger, greed, and anger.  Arun has worked with eminent music directors in the past.  Many told me I should try him.  I am very happy to introduce him with 'Aithe 2.0'.  I am a die-hard fan of guitar, which he has mastered.  'Ningi Pai' is a soft rock number.  It takes us into a trance.  Kittu Vissapragada's lyrics are great.  I have known him since the days of 'Rishi'.  I am happy he is doing some fantastic projects.  He has penned the other two songs as well and has also made so much contribution to dialogues.  Our song is also available on Karaoke track and you can listen to it on Smule App as well.  You can also get a chance to sing in our next film."

Producer Vijay Ramaraju said, "Our film will hit the screens on March 16."

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