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Aithe 2.0' Motion Poster released

Aithe 2.0' Motion Poster released

The Motion Poster of 'Aithe 2.0' was on Saturday launched in an event held at Prasad Labs.  Director Nandini Reddy and producer Raj Kandukuri graced the occasion as guests.  

Nandini Reddy launched the title logo of 'Aithe 2.0'.  She said, "I have come here for the sake of Raj Madiraju garu.  I have worked with him on 'Kalyana Vaibhogame'.  That's how our journey started.  Since then, he has become a habit for me.  I have since written a role for him every time.  I know the concept of 'Aithe 2.0'.  I found it very interesting when I heard it.  We ourselves don't know how much information about us is there in our mobile phone.  This single gadget has so much of info that it makes us vulnerable.  'Aithe 2.0' touches upon this aspect of our lives.  It's an amazing subject.  I am very eager to watch it.  People are looking out for unconventional films nowadays.  Raj garu has a unique writing style.  He is aware about current social issues, and has a unique sense of humour."

Raj Kandukuri said, "I am keen on this subject at a time when cyber hacking is commonplace.  This is an age when every person on the planet is monitored.  What food you eat, where you travel, etc is being used by someone.  The government has the right to hack anybody.  I appreciate Raj Madiraju garu for touching up such a subject."

Sridhar Nallamothu, Founder, Computer Era magazine, said, "It's a technology-based thriller movie.  Everyone will connect with the story as we all use Facebook and such apps."  

Vijay Ramaraju, one of the producers, said, "Since we have an emotional connect with Hyderabad, the story has been set in the city.  The characters have been created from this environment.  The film is like an adventure.  We listened to people's advises, went in for graphics and the budget did go up.  Hundreds were auditioned for the different roles.  The actors we have worked with are very talented.  They are from different parts of the country."

Actress Zara Shah said, "I thank the director for selecting me.  It's such an interesting subject.  The producer and the director supported me always.  It's a topical subject as we use so many gadgets.  Many things happen online these days.  I am feeling lucky to have done this movie."

Neeraj, one of the heroes, said, "I can guarantee you that you will find the characters in the movie very relatable.  You will see a neighbor in the person next to you after watching the movie.  Every engineer should take his time out and watch this movie."

Director Raj Madiraju said, "Three things can make a person a criminal.  Hunger, greed, and anger.   'Aithe 2.0' tells the story of four engineers who fell to anger.  That's the premise.  I would like to thank three people today.  They are Nandini Reddy garu, Raj Kandukuri garu, and  Sridhar Nallamothu garu.  I acted in the films of the first two.  The third one became the force behind this movie's technical accomplishment.  Our film's tagline is, 'Log out.  You are hacked'.  We are always online, which makes us vulnerable.  Anyone can make a porn video using a few pics.  We are living dangerously.  As I started developing the story, it became more and more layered.  Many news items shocked me.  WikiLeaks is just one example. There are many, many other skeletons in the cupboard.  DRDO files have been hacked into by a foreign country, a cricketer's bank account was hacked recently.  We are telling you such stories in our movie.  If and when the third world war happens, it could be waged online!  You can now operate the nuclear bomb through your mobile.  Through the movie, we are warning people.  I have started logging out after doing a banking transaction.  From tomorrow, we are kick-starting a social media campaign to caution people.  We hope it will be a wake-up call."

The director revealed that the title is because the film tells the story of four unemployed youths who turn criminals.  'Aithe' too had a similar element.  "More than that, Aithe's tagline of 'Anni cinemalu okela undavu' suits our film, too," Madiraju says.    

The film will hit the screens on March 16.  

Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah, Abhishek, Kartavya Sharma, Neeraj, Mrunal, Mridanjli and Dr. Srikanth are the cast.  Except for the first two and the last one, all the others are debuting with this movie.

Music is by Arun Chiluveru.  The cinematography is by Kaushik Abhimanyu.  Rajeev Nair is the Art Director.  Karthik Palle is the editor.  Chandra Kiran is the choreographer.  Mahesh Chadalavada is the Production Designer.

Kittu Vissapragada has penned the dialogues and lyrics.  

Produced by K Vijaya Rama Raju and Dr. Hemanth Vallapu Reddy, its story and screenplay are by director Raj Madiraju.  

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