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Vikram interview about Sketch

Check out the Interview of hero Vikram on the occasion of his film Sketch movie release directed by Vijay chandar . Actress Tamanna is doing female lead role  

Reason for using Sketch as Movie title ?
usually Sketch is the word for planning  kidnaps  or murders you will come to know why we have chosen sketch as our movie title after watching this film 

Tell us About your Role?
In film i will be working as Recovery agent  with group of people its pakka mass and commercial film with good mass  and punches  dialogues earlier i have done different films this film is good commercial entertainer everyone appreciated my performance in tamil  

Any inspiration for this story ? 
Director has written this script 7 years back based on real goons and real incidents everyone will like this story you will come to know after watching this film.  

About Tamanna ?
Tamanna liked the script very much after baahubali she will be seen as brahmin girl in the film our combination will be beautiful and interesting on screen our chemistry will be good on screen that you will watch soon 

Any message in sketch ? 
In this film we have not given any message  but this is a different film with good entertaining values my role will be different definitely you will find variation in my role in climax every one will clap for this film . 

When you are doing direct telugu film ?
In India there are many languages and each and every language has its own importance if i get chance i will do in any language for example Baahubali its not just telugu film its indian film if content is strong it will have wide range 

About Your son who is  doing remake of Arjun Reddy in Tamil ?
Yes my son is doing Arjun Reddy remake in Tamil at present he is doing Method acting course in New York actually we have planned to launch him after three years but we got this offer after knowing the story we have selected this film i am happy as father after this film he will be doing direction course 

About Political Entry ?
I don't know how to wear dhoti for me cinema is life politics will not suit for me basically i am shy guy so i will not suit for politics 

About Shankar film?
Recently i have done I Film with Shankar will do another film shortly .

Future Projects ?
Planning Dhruva Nakshatram film with Gautham Menon After that i have one more film in Kamal Sir Banner and Karna film is also in Pipe Line which  is  going to be made with 300 crores budget in oscar range  few more details will be revealed shortly 


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