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RP Patnaik Neetho Edho Cheppalani Undhi song Launched

RP Patnaik hailed for Aditya Music's 'Neetho Edho Cheppalani Undhi'

'Neetho Edho Cheppalani Undhi' is RP Patnaik's sincere attempt at entertaining the lovers of melodies and making independent music a trend in Telugu.  To be released exclusively on Aditya Music on January 5, a special event was held earlier today in Hyderabad ahead of the release.  This video song, shot in Australia, features Sathya Yamini of Baahubali's 'Mamathala Talli' fame (also rendered by her) and Anudeep.  Senior music director Koti unveiled it.  

Koti said, "It's gladdening to see RP Patnaik come up with this song in the New Year.  As a music director, I am very happy that he has decided to compose the music for more and more films.  I am a fan of his music.  These days, most singers are crooning the songs composed by others.  But in independent music, one can do both the rendition and composition."

RP Patnaik has not only composed the tune for this song but also has penned soulful lyrics.  He said, "I am happy that my song is being released on Aditya Music.  In 2004, when I gave a statement that I would not be composing the music for others's movies, Koti garu reprimanded me.  Becuase of his affection for me, Koti garu suggested that I shouldn't do that.  Not only my fans, I too have missed my music over the years.  But starting from this year, I would like to compose music for movies, once again.  There is a misconception that, since I have directed a few movies, I will interfere with my director's work.  As someone who respects the director's turf, I wouldn't do that.  There was a time when one would go to Mumbai or Chennai for recording works.  But now, there are so many competent singers in Hyderabad.  I would urge them to take up independent music.  The encouragement of Aditya Music will always be there for such singers.  And I am ready to offer concepts for such singers."

Raghu Kunche said, "In many countries outside the Indian sub-continent, music and movie industries exist as two separate entities.  But in India, they are one and the same.  Independent music is less to come by in our country.  Even when there was no social media, seniors like Koti annayya and others made their own efforts with respect to independent music.  Michael Jackson was an independent artiste.  In India, thanks to social media, independent music is gaining traction.  Social media should be used to support art and not to create a rift in the name of religion or caste.  If this genre receives encouragement, many more artists will take it up.  

Vijaya Lakshmi said, "Credit goes to RP Patnaik garu and Aditya Music for encouraging independent music."  

Venu said, "This song is going to be a big comeback for RP garu."  

Gemini Suresh said, "I and RP Patnaik garu are very good friends.  This is a wonderful composition.  RP garu is the first music director since Ilayaraja garu to give so many melodies."

Anudeep said, "The song has come out really well.  Yamini has not only rendered it so well, but also has acted pretty well.  RP garu's efforts are commendable."  

I didn't expect that the song will come out this well.  As Raghu Kunche garu said, Independent Music should be encouraged.  I hope this trend pics up."

Sathya Yamini said, "People know me only as a singer.  But in this song, I am in front of the camera.  Many fans of RP garu have been waiting to listen to his songs.  I am glad that he has made this number."

Aditya Music's Madhav said, "We are happy to be releasing the song on our label.  Aditya Music is ready to encourage whoever does independent music."  

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