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Music director Swara Sagar Mahathi Interview About Chalo

Here is the interview of Chalo music director Swara Sagar Mahathi  on the occasion of movie release which is scheduled to release on February 2nd 

About Response for Chalo Audio ?
I am very happy with the response for CHALO MUsic specially chusi chudamganey song got tremendous appreciations it's all the team work producers are doing good promotions for this film director has given good situations . chalo album is one of my favourite album my father received many calls about chalo music i happy and sure movie will also receive same kind of response 

About Your Father Mani Sharma ? 
He is my guru and i am proud of my father i try to avoid his influence in my music i try to give my own music if i have any kind of doubts then i will discuss with my father  .i try to give different and interesting sound from me i hope now it is working out .

About Favorite genres 
I love working for love stories i am not particular about any genres its all about the sync between music director and director and situation of the song all these are important if everything works then the output will be good for example earlier we started choosi choodam ganey song as small bit later it turned as full length song 

About Background scores 
Background score is a diffrent thing it's a different school it needs special interest and special care until and unless we have good skills we cannot give good background music .its needs lot of passion any one can give music for songs but for bgm it needs lot of attention and concentration music director should have proper sensibilities .i have learnt a lot from my father.

About Inputs from music director to movie team ?
Every suggestion will help i will take inputs from director and i will also give my kind of suggestion to team after seeing scene or after hearing script if my suggestion works it will help to film 

Are you ready to collaborate with other musicians 
Yes of course everyone will have their own skills and talent i am always ready to collaborate with new  musicians i want to bring independent music . i worked for films like magadheera eega i worked with music directors like keeravani garu kalyani malik garu in my whole life i worked for more than 160 films with various music directors  

Future Projects 
At present i am doing kannada version of Kumari 21 f and few are in pipeline 

Telugucinemas.in wishing a very good luck to Swara Sagar Mahathi and chalo team 

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