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Dr. K.A. Paul, Global Peace SupportsDr. Mahra Ahmad

Dr. K.A. Paul, Global Peace Maker, Bridges Religions & Nations; Proudly Supports a Real Wonder Woman, Dr. Mahra Ahmad

Dr. Mahra Ahmad, the first Arab American to compete in Miss Texas USA Pageant, her vision, activism are profound, her story is history in the making. She and Dr. Paul working together, promoting peace
Dr. Kilari Anand Paul, President of the Global Peace Initiative, has been working toward world peace for nearly 30 years. From Liberia to Iran, Haiti to the United States, Dr. Paul has counseled world leaders, prayed with dictators, and feeds and shelters thousands of women and children in need. He now proudly stands with the next Miss USA in the hope of inspiring peace among nations. Dr. Mahra Ahmad Lutfi, 23-year-old medical resident, is the first Arab American to compete in the Miss Texas USA Pageant. Her vision and activism are profound, and her story is history in making, and she and Dr. Paul will be working together, promoting peace and unity. Mahra Ahmad is hoping to be chosen on Friday, January 5th, as a finalist in the Preliminary Show and Competition, for the Final Show and Competition on Saturday, January 6, in Houston Texas.​

WHO: Wonder Woman. Dr. Mahra Ahmad, and Dr. K.A. Paul

WHAT: The world needs peace and none other is better than this young accomplished doctor, humanitarian, sports enthusiast and most importantly, the future global peace maker.

WHERE: Hilton Houston Post Oak Hotel, 2001 Post Oak Blvd.

WHEN: Friday, January 5, 2018 and then Saturday, January 6, 2018, 8:00 p.m

WHY: Dr. Mahra Ahmad is the first Arab to compete in the Miss Texas USA Pageant which is the leadup to the Miss USA Pageant. 

Dr. Mahra Ahmad Lutfi, is already one of the most prominent female activists in the state of Texas. From medicine, where helping children with autism is close to her heart, and her active participation in various sporting and philanthropic function have already impacted lives, Miss Star City USA, born in the Emirates, has made a mark already. As the first Arab American to compete, she and Dr. Paul are going to work together in the pursuit of peace.

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