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127 B Movie Review

127 B Review - Watch It Only In Theatres!


Chand Pasha (Dheer Charan), Lucky alias Lakhan Singh (Mast Ali) and Eddie (Aziz Naser) are best buddies. While Chand Pasha sells perfumes, Lucky is an auto driver and Eddie is a real estate agent plus pickpocket. Three of them have their problems in life. Chand Pasha has financial crisis, Lucky is in love with his boss’s daughter (Heena) and wants to marry her while Eddie has an ailing mother to take care of. They decide to steal the treasure at Nawab Saab’s Haveli as that would solve all their problems. With all preparation they go but one thing leads to another and puts them in more complex situations. Whether they come out of the crisis successfully or not forms the rest.

Artists performances 

Dheer Charan Srivastav has once again shined with his performance and entertaining dialogue delivery. He has an affectionate aura that makes you love his character. Aziz Naser entertains with his English approach and his expressions are hilarious. The best among the lot is Mast Ali who has the right kind of dialogues and you will fall in love with his role once again. Heena looks extremely beautiful with an innocence that will charm. She has done her role aptly. The others fitted the role in the right manner and contributed effectively.

Technical Values

One of the main reasons we recommend you watch this movie in theatre only is due to its technical standards. For starters, the making values and camerawork is brilliant. Secondly, it is the sound. The flow sound technology gives maximum impact and given the thriller elements, it creates a strong impression. The background score is energetic and songs were relevant to the situations. Editing was crisp. The screenplay is tightly woven so there is hardly any boring moment. Costumes were natural and art department was realistic.


Whenever a film is shaped using the right balance of the 24 crafts the output is always nice and it also elevates the industry’s magnitude. This is one such film which can be registered as a game changer in the Hyderabadi Deccan cinema. Within first few minutes you realize that the making standards have been rich and the visual grandeur is high. The first half of the film breezes through and before you realize the interval bang comes in. This is laced with elements of romance, comedy, sentiment and spooky instances. The second half takes a lighter turn and it is the climax which is the turning point. Audience would be in for a surprise at that moment. Overall, this is a film which has the right balance of entertainment and it is certainly going to change the perception on Hyderabadi cinema.


Engaging and entertaining! Strongly recommended!

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5

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