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With Detective Hit we are Planning for Detective-2-Vishal


"Thrilled with the success of Detective, Planning to begin Detective2 soon - HeroVishal"

The suspense and action entertainer 'Detective' produced by G.Hari, directed by Mysskin which released in a whopping 434 theaters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh opened with massive collections. It is carrying Super Hit talk from the morning shows itself.

Speaking on occasion Mass hero, Vishal said "The film 'Detective' released on November 10 in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Along with good talk, the movie collections are also good. I am thankful to the audience who is appreciating our film. We want to make movies with good content and make a good name. Some movies may connect to the audience, but some may not. The film 'Detective' is a special movie in my career. We have heard the word detective, but it is very likely that such people will be seen in the Society. They are always in the background and are not visible outside. When the Mysskin told me such a character, I was very excited. I was delighted when the director said that we should make a movie in a different genre. It is a character where there is a lot of chance to perform as an actor. I also believed that if we produce under Vishal Film Factory, I might get many accolades too. Our expectations were proven right by the audiences. The mouth talk was superb, and it is necessary for the movie. Hats off to the audience for the unanimous superhit talk.

Our 'Detective' Team is feeling very proud for making such a good film. Its a confidence boost. The super hit talk it generated in Telugu is on par with Tamil. With the Innovative Ideas and the better Content, you believe that it will be good if you come up with good content. The other thing is that this is the first film in my career without a song. However, the movie will not have anyone to feel that there are no songs in the film because it's a gripping thriller. The 26-minute climax got a great response from the audience. People enjoying the climax with whistles and sweeps makes you happy for all the hard work done. Thanks to our director, our team who made such a good film. Also, the producer has given good release. This movie is a milestone in my career. 

There are two things in this film that gave me good recognition. Normally, there are fight sequences in my movies. The film has three action sequences. The first one is in a godown, and the second is the Vietnam Fighters participating in the Chinese restaurant. Third Climax Fight. The three fights are the Response Extraordinary in the Theater. Normally powerful dialogues or comedy scenes get the applause, but here audience was clapping for fights. It's something that made me so happy. And everyone says that screenplay is nothing but what's going on in the next scene. Box office collections are good for a movie. But, the critical review does not come as good. Critical appreciation is good for some movies, and the collections are low. I feel proud that to our 'Detective' is scoring on both counts. 'Abhimanyu' is my upcoming film with new content for next Sankranthi. I have the belief that this film will be a popular one. The 'Detective' Part 2 will begin next year. Indian Sherlock Holmes character will continue in this series with your blessing. It is not only this film, but every filmmaker with good content in the future will be confident when you (the audience) will appreciate it. I have that confidence."

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