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'PSV Garuda Vega' Success Meet

'PSV Garuda Vega', the Praveen Sattaru - directed action thriller, is one of the most acclaimed films of the year.  Starring Dr.Rajasekhar in the role of an NIA officer, it released on Friday (Nov 3) to an overwhelming popular response.  

The film's success meet was held in Hyderabad on Monday.

Dr.Rajasekhar said, "The film has become a very big hit in my career.  Hitherto, 'Ankusham' had been the biggest hit.  But 'PSV Garuda Vega' has turned out to be an even bigger hit.  My wife, Jeevitha, worked very hard on the movie.  She had been sad that I hadn't had a hit for long.  She resolved to make a hit possible come what may.  Praveen Sattaru efforts have been indescribable.  The result that I am seeing today is the fruit of the efforts of these two.  The circumstances were unfavourable for us before the film's release.  Murali (Jeevitha's brother), our Line Producer, passed away two days before.  There were heavy rains in Chennai.  Although I saw these as bad omen, in the mind of my minds, I was confident about the output.  The audience has finally given their verdict.  It's because of them that we are celebrating this success.  I thank them all."

Jeevitha said, "But for the fact that 'PSV Garuda Vega' has always been seen as a novel attempt, there were no high expectations from the hero-director combination.  Yet, audiences have given us this success.  The entire team worked really, really hard.  Praveen has always been with us.  We thank Balakrishna garu, Chiranjeevi garu, Rana, Taapsee, Manchu Lakshmi, and Kajal Aggarwal for supporting our movie.  Because of them, our movie became more popular before its release itself.  Chiranjeevi garu has appreciated the movie."

Praveen Sattaru said, "Initially, there were negative comments about the film.  Our film's success has come as the answer.  The success once again proves that fresh concepts will always lead to success.  What matters is the story, not how much you spend on a film.  I got to work with a technically superb team.  The appreciation I am getting belongs to my team.  I thank the audience for the hit."

Pooja Kumar said, "Praveen has made a film whose standards are truly international.  It makes me happy that this distinct attempt has born the fruit."

Shraddha Das said, "I got to work with Praveen garu for the second time.  He is a superb technician.  Although my character is not big, playing it has given me a lot of satisfaction."

The event saw the participation of the film's cast and crew.

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