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Taramani Teaser Launched

 Teaser release of 'Taramani' Anjali, Andrea and Vasanth Ravi play the lead roles in 'Taramani'. Ram is the director. DV Venkatesh is presenting the Telugu film audience on DVCini Creations banner. Teaser release of the film was held at Hyderabad Prasad Labs on Sunday. Director Maruthi is the guest of the event. On this occasion ... Producer BA Raju said, "Before moving to small films and small producers, one of them was marred. He is very happy to come up with his support for Taramani. Producer D Venkatesh Garo has done well to make this movie a delight to the Telugu audience. It's a trendy teaser with a different point of view. I want the film to be a big hit. " Maruthi said, "I saw the movie during a good film, Mahanabhudu Re recording. I liked it very well. Now the director of the film Ram is directing the film with strong content base and the base of the scenes. The director said he wanted to say that he wanted to say. D. Venkatesh is giving a Telugu film to a movie based on a Straight film. Of course, the movie is good for everyone. " RP Patnaik said, "The movie is a superhit and I want the producer to be happy." Producer D. Venkatesh said, "In Tamil, Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan released the trailer. Similarly, one of the biggest directors in Telugu, Maruti is releasing the trailer. Whoever comes to distribute every family. The film is nothing to do with any kind of caution. Absolutely the cinematography of the movie. I am confident that the film will be a big hit. "

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