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Hero Ram Interview About Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi

Here is the interview of Energetic hero Ram who is coming to entertain audience on October 27th with Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi movie directed by Kishore Tirumala on this occasion we caught up with hero Ram to bring few interesting things about the film 

About Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi
Voz is the film which will narrate about the Three phases of a person i.e Childhood ,College life and after education mainly this film will revolve around love and friendship 

Is there any Reason for long gap after Hyper ?
There is no particular reason behind that gap actually i want to take small break after hyper at the same time i am hearing few scripts which are not so impressive i have waited for perfect script then Kishore tirumala came up with this script . 

Have you given any suggestions about script ? 
Me and Kishore Tirumala had detailed script discussion about my character and all in that process i have shared many things some interesting elements  we used in the film our motto is to showcase the film with most of the realistic feelings and emotions   particularly i have not given any kind of suggestions 

Any reason to choose Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi title ? 
Main concept of the film is based on life and sometimes for simple things we make our lives complicated My character in the film will be simple and take things so easily that's the only reason to choose that title which is apt to our story 

About DSP Music?
Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi is my fifth film with dsp he always gives me wonderful tunes all his albums are super hits he has given me some solid hits in my career irrespective of hit film or flop his music is always hit 

About your flops ? 
To be frank hits and flops are common as an actors we  don't have a chance or choice we need to start a new film irrespective of hit or flop the only thing is we should come out of that mood and we should work for new project 

 About the heroines Anupama and lavanya ?
Both has got good roles but lavanya has got easy role which is close to her real life . coming to anupama she got a very contrast character she worked hard to give best performance lavanya and anupama has delivered their best 

About your Producer/Uncle ?
 He is very helpful  i always discuss my scripts with him he will give some valuable inputs he will be very frank in giving judgements  

Future projects?

At Present i am hearing few scripts and few are in pipe line will finalise scripts after VOZ release and promotions will update you the new film details very soon . 

With that we wrapped our interview with Ram . Telugucinemas.in wishing Ram and team a very good luck 

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